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Catherine joined the University in 2007 as a researcher on a Leverhulme funded project and has been a senior lecturer in politics here since 2008. She has taught at the American University of Central Asia and at the University of Salford, where she completed her Phd on loyalist politics in Northern Ireland. Previously she worked in local government administration.

Catherine is the Treasurer for the Political Studies Association Specialist Group on Britishness and a member of the University’s Academy for British and Irish Studies. She teaches on a range of modules at Huddersfield which reflect her research interests in conflict, citizenship and national identity and she is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research and Scholarship

Catherine’s research focuses on citizenship and nationalism, with particular reference to the transformation and resolution of conflict. Her PhD explored these issues in relation to Northern Ireland but she has since broadened this area of interest and is currently writing a comparative study of differentiated citizenship approaches in Northern Ireland and the Kyrgyz Republic for Palgrave MacMillan.

Catherine is organising a conference at the University for January 2013 on the politics of history teaching which builds on previous research on Britishness and the national curriculum and she is currently undertaking a project with her Huddersfield colleagues Andrew Mycock and Chris Gifford on young people’s understanding of their national and ethnic identities.

As part of the PSA’s Specialist Group on Britishness, Catherine has been involved in the organisation of panels and roundtables at the PSA’s annual conference for the past three years. Her work has featured in the group’s publications in Parliamentary Affairs and the British Journal of Politics and International Relations that have been developed from the groups research workshops.

University research group memberships

Catherine is currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences, the Academy for British and Irish Studies and the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • Editor – special edition of Parliamentary Affairs (2010 63:2) on Britishness.
  • Editor – special edition of Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict (2011 4:3) on Northern Ireland.
  • Winner – 2011 Political Studies Association of Ireland Brian Farrell Prize for Best Book (for Abandoning Historical Conflict?.
  • Treasurer – Political Studies Association Specialist Group on Britishness.

Research Degree Supervision

Areas for research supervision include Northern Irish politics, comparative politics, consociationalism, democratisation and British party politics. Catherine is currently supervising postgraduate research on British foreign policy towards Zimbabwe, a comparative study of Eastern European democratisation and the Arab Spring and multiculturalism in Northern Ireland.

Administrative Responsibilities

Catherine is the course leader for politics degrees at the University.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Catherine is responsible for teaching and module leadership on:

  • HIX1016 - US Politics and Society.
  • HIX2001 - Democracy and Democratisation.
  • HHX1017 - Terrorism and Conflict Resolution.
  • HHX1018 - The Labour Party.