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After completing my degree I went on to study for a PhD at Leeds University under the supervision of the internationally renowned Professor John Blundell. The main focus of my PhD was the impact of different nutrients on body weight gain, and on behaviour. I also collaborated with a number of pharmaceutical companies, which do not disclose the results of their research.

My first Lecturing position was at Sheffield University, where I was a junior lecturer. I was involved with the delivery of biopsychology at all levels of the degree programme. After 2 good years I moved on to Leeds Trinity where I became a senior lecturer, and the director of Research Methods. I spent 3 years at Leeds Trinity, during this time I helped them reshape the degree programme and introduced a lot of novel teaching methods including the use of Virtual Learning Environments. Whilst at Trinity I developed my interest/research into video games.

I moved to Huddersfield in August 2007 and took up the position of senior lecturer in psychology. I am currently involved with a number of research projects, PhD supervision, and module leader for a number of modules in the undergraduate degree programme.

Teaching Responsibilities

Module co-ordinator for: HIB 1003 Research Methods in Psychology; HFB1000 Introduction to Biopsychology: Conceptual and Issues in Psychology; HFB1016 Introduction to Biopsychology and Qualitative Research.

Teaching responsibilities on HFB1002 Introduction to Quantitative Research; HIB1019 Cognitive and Developmental Psychology; HIB1007 Biopsychology and Evolutionary Psychology; HHB1031 Biopsychology and Evolutionary Psychology; HHB1020 Final Year Project in Psychology


Professional Development

Training Courses

Society of Applied Neuroscience 7/04/10

5 Day Practical qEEG/ERP & Neurofeedback Course

Other Responsibilities

I am currently leading the Out Reach Team and course leader for Sports and Exercise Psychology.

I am a member of the BPS Division of Teaching and Research (DTR), and I am also an executive committee member for the DTR.

Research and Scholarship

Video games have only in the past few years emerged as a respectable industry with mass-market appeal. Worldwide they now rival the film industry in size, with $US25 billion in sales last year. The popularity of video games, especially violent ones, has now reached phenomenal proportions (Dill & Dill, 1998). There is a reported link between violent video games and aggression (Griffiths, 1999: Uhlmann & Swanson, 2004: Browne & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005). However, the mechanisms of this effect have yet to be determined. King, Blair, Mitchell, Dolan, & Burgess (in press) suggest that the same neural circuit is utilised for violent and compassionate behaviour. Barthlow, Bushman, & Sestir (in press) have proposed that repeated exposure to media violence desensitises viewers to real world violence, by increasing aggression by blunting aversive reactions to violence and removing normal inhibitions against aggression. Given the resent publicity and the ongoing debate concerning the effects of violent video games, I am interested in the effects of these video games on physiology, behaviour, and cognitive appraisals.

I have also conducted a great deal of research investigating the impact of diet on obesity, and the changes in behaviour induced by different types of diets. I have been involved with some drug development and appraisal for a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Debowska, A., Boduszek, D., Hyland, P. and Goodson, S. (2014) ‘Biological correlates of psychopathy: A brief reviewMental Health Review Journal , 19 (2), pp. 110-123. ISSN 1361-9322

Research Degree Supervision

I am interested in supervising empirical research in the following areas, using both physiological and psychological measures

  • Video games and aggression
  • Validating measures of aggression
  • Life experience and the perception of videogames Immersion and the perception of videogame content..
  • Do you know what your children are playing?

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