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Senior Lecturer Nursing; Route Leader For Duistrict Nursing and community nurse prescribing, Lead on Year 2 all fields Practice placements. Commenced University of Huddersfield 22nd September 2008. Prior to this District nUrse at Calderdale and Community Nurse prescriber and Community practice teacher Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust Feb 1999 to July 2008. Key achievements: Completed post graduate certificate in  Diabetes in Primary Care at Airedale and Msc in Health Eductaion at University of Huddersfield. Manual Handling co-ordinator for community practice  and lead on the project to develop insulin Management For primary Care HCA competencies. Commenced PhD January 2016 this is looking at the Diabesity Patient experince of supportive Care by nurses in the primary care.  Worked in Saudi Arabia at the King Sultan  Cardiac Centre Ryadh as a RN on the cardiology units from spet 1991-1995. Key experince was developing role in ECg management and post cardica surgery.     Key achievements: Leadership. Completed BSc in Nursing Studies (Hons) First class Hons; DPSN and ENB 870. Developed evidence based approach to wound management Staff Nurse A&E Huddersfield Health Authority 1990 to 1992. Key achievements: Completed ENB 998 and ENB 199. Devised risk assessment for pressure ulcer prevention for use in A&E department. Link Practitioner for Infection Control and Tissue Viability Staff Nurse Orthopaedic Ward Huddersfield Health Authority 1988 to 1990. Key achievements: First post as qualified nurse. Introduction to care and management of surgical patients, wound management and care of the patient having undergone joint replacement surgery.  Staff Nurse Nights (prior to internal rotation) Huddersfield Health Authority 1988Student Nurse Training 1985 to 1988. Key achievements: RGN. Obtained Nurse of the year award on completion of nurse training

Research and Scholarship

Interested in the following: Diabetes and its comorbidities, Long term condition management in the community. Manual Handling and active skills development in pre reg nursing(a simulation based educational approach).  

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Gillibrand, W., Rajeswaran, C., Zaidi, S., Muniyappa, S., Mohammad, M., Stephenson, J., Verma, S., Sloss, C., Covill, C. and Holdich, P. (2016) ‘A prospective study of mental health status in morbidly obese patients.’. In: Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2016, 2nd-4th March 2016, Glasgow, Scotland

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Member of the University’s Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection prevention 2014 to current. Member for the University for the Association of District Nurse Educators and a member of the QNI to support the regional development of community practice. Active memebtr of the University of Huddersfiled  and York , Diuabetes confernece for primary care, this has been running as an annual National conference for 15 years and is run in conjunction with Diabetes UK.

Research Degree Supervision

Masters by Research using Phenomonology, Hiedegger in relation to the patient experince.

Enterprise Activities

Worked on the development of EMIS PCS to develop a community nurse computer system based on the GP provider system , so there was compatability and ease of shared records.

Administrative Responsibilities

Academic Lead
Nurse presribing lead for community practice.DN leader for the District n|Urse course
Queens Nurse representative for morthern region for the University
Meber of the association Of District NurseEducators
Course Committee Representative

Teaching and Professional Activities

Stage 1 pre regestration teaching HFN 20002, placement year 1as associate for adult field, Year 2 Module leader for practice module HIN 2001. HIN 2000 simulation and looking at assessment strategies and LTC management in both acute and primary Care. Developmnet of the use of Safe medicate in Numeracy assessment. Module leader for the  District Nurse course and For the Community Prescribing Course 2016/17. Looking into developing Team based learning in this module.