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I completed my education as a Registered General Nurse at Dewsbury School of Nursing 1986-1989 and held different clinical nursing positions in acute and critical care nursing from 1989 until 2002. In 1995 I completed a BSc(Hons) in Nursing studies and then in 1998 completed an MSc / PG Cert in Health Education to devop my interest in education and it's influence on clinical practice. In 1999 I joined the University of Huddersfield on a part time dual position of Lecturer Practitioner.  My responsibilities were divided between those of Senior Practitioner in Accident and Emergency and Senior Lecturer in the University of Huddersfield. In 2002 I became a full time Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing at the University of Huddersfield. In March 2017 I was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy following the completion of a PhD that explored simulation as a learning strategy in undergraduate nursing. 

I am married to Janet a Community Nurse Practitioner and we have a daughter Amy who was born in 1998.  I enjoy as much sport as I can including golf, cycling, skiing and I also enjoy illustration and painting (I once went to Art College) and walking with our dog. 

Qualifications:  RGN  DPSN  BSc(Hons) PGCert(Ed) MSc PhD FHEA

Research and Scholarship

I have recently been awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (01/03/17) after completing a PhD that explored simulation as a learning strategy in undergraduate nursing. A conceptual framework that represents the learning experince in simulation was developed and published (Bland and Tobbell, 2016). Understanding how simulation may enable learning has become a major research focus and I aim to build on this to develop startegies that will benefit our students when engaging in simulation-based learning. 

I am a key member of an International Collaboration that secured an EU Transfer of Inovation Fund to develop a framework / model to prepare educators who utilise simulation based learning in nursing education. This research project concluded in 2016 but is now developing new initiatives and collaborative research with LAERDAL a major manufacturer of medical equipment and medical traing products (including simulators) based in Stavanger, Norway who have adopted the NESTLED model within their company. I continue to be involved in the research development and quality assurance of the research-based education model.  

Areas of Research Interest Include:

  • The use of simulation as a teaching and learning strategy in nurse education
  • Acute and critical nursing including trauma and resuscitation
  • Nursing education and theories of learning

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Member of International Research Collaboration - NESTLED.  Member of Clinical Skills and Simulation Network (Yorkshire and Humber).  Keynote speaker for Clinical Nursing Simulation Conference (July 2017). Journal Reviewer for Nurse Education Today and Nurse Education in Practice. Book reviewer for Sage and Wiley Blackwell. Former member of School Board. Former Examinations Officer. Member of Critical Care Course Committee.  

Research Degree Supervision

Enterprise Activities

In 2016 an International Collaborative Research Project (NESTLED) I am a member of completed its findings and produced a framework / model for preparing educators who utilise simulation-based learning in nursing education.  This model has been recently adopted by LAERDAL a major international company that develops simulators and medical education products. LAERDAL have adopted this education model and are currently utilising it to educate their own educators. In 2017 this collaborative work will be strengthened.

Teaching and Professional Activities

I teach across pre and post-registration, undergraduate and post graduate nursing with particular emphasis upon acute and critical care, trauma, nursing practice, clinical skills and advanced and basic life support. I also contribute to other health care courses and health disciplines. I am also the internal examiner across all 4 Fields of Nursing for their simulation-based examinations in year 2 (Nursing Concepts and Care Approaches. I am the Module Leader for HHN 2001 Complex Needs and Enhanced Care; Nursing Practice 2 (HMN 2012); Assessment Care and Management of the Acutely Ill Individual (HMH 2020). I contribute to Assessment of the Acutely/Critically Ill Person (HMN 2000); Nursing Practice 1 (HMN 2006); Nursing Practice 3 (HMN 2015); Research 3 (HHG 1000); Project for Healthcare Professionals (HHH 2004); Introduction to Clinical Examination Skills (HMH 1060). I also teach Basic Life Support (BLS) across all disciplines within the School and I am Link Teacher to a spectrum of clinical practice areas within Mid Yorkshire Trust (Dewsbury Hospital). I deliver Mentor Updates in line with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements to Mentors of Nursing.