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I am a senior lecturer and accredited cognitive behavioural therapist with a particular interest  in depression. My qualifications in cognitive behavioural therapy were acquired through supervised practice within the NHS. My experience has included Course Leader to the MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy - an approved course leading to the training of therapists under the IAPT initiative. I am committed to enabling improved access to psychological therapies such as CBT and regularly run sessions for charities regarding developments in treatments for depression and anxiety. I provide insights into CBT for a number of counselling training  programmes. I have a background in acute in-patient care, and have worked in practice development across a number of specialties including acute in-patients, community care and care of the older person with mental ill-health.

In 2014, I was a finalist for a Community Care Award for work with Health Visitors helping them further develop their psychological skills with families. I am currently studying mindfulness as an intervention. 

My counselling diploma was acquired working in a large psychology department, where I worked mainly with older people, many of whom were experiencing severe and long lasting grief. In my most recent clinical experience I was involved in developing clinical supervisors, supporting newly qualified nursing staff, medicine administration revision training for qualified nurses, reviewing medication errors, record keeping, and team-based psychosocial intervention training on acute in-patient wards. Previous work has also involved using groups as an intervention with acute in-patients.

In addition to my RMN qualification I am a trained general nurse and qualified to work with people with difficulties in learning. I also have a Masters' degree in action learning and research and a degree in education.

Research and Scholarship

I am currently completing my professional doctorate looking at emotional intelligence and I am accredited as an emotional intelligence tester (MSCEIT).

I am also currently engaged in exploring service user involvement in the formative assessment of student nurses interpersonal skills. The links between emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills have been frequently alluded to, and I am interested in exploring these connections.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Teaching and Professional Activities

I have a number of inputs into a variety of modules run at the University, including various modules in cognitive behavioural therapy. I am also the Leader to a module which explores the development of caring relationships with people who are experiencing mental health problems.

I am currently providing a number of workshops throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region for health visitors helping them enhance their existing skills and explore knowledge of various psychological interventions.