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In January 2012 I was appointed Principal Lecturer and Subject Leader in Criminology, having initially joined the University of Huddersfield in August 2007 as a Senior Lecturer in Criminology. During this time I have worked as Divisional academic admissions officer (2007-2009) and the course leader for the BSc (Hons) Criminology (2009-2012).

Prior to this I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Wales, Bangor (now Bangor University). Whilst studying for my PhD in Criminology exploring how sex offenders experience institutional life, as exemplified in a Probation Approved Premises, I worked as a qualitative research officer with the Institute of Medical and Social Care Research; first with the North Wales Research and Development Support Service (NWRDSS) and latterly with its successor, the All Wales Alliance for Research and Development in health and social care (AWARD). In this role I worked in mixed-method, multi-disciplinary research teams on a number of projects, the most notable of which evaluated the Carers Strategy in both England and Wales (funded by the Department of Health and Welsh Assembly Government).

Between 2002-7 I taught on the BA and MA courses in Criminology and Sociology at the University of Wales, Bangor as well as a distance-learning project supervisor for Masters level students at the Department of Criminology, Leicester University.

Research and Scholarship

University research group memberships

I am currently a member of the Institute for Research in Citizenship and Applied Human Sciences and the Centre for Research in the Social Sciences and am also an associate member of the Applied Criminology Centre.

I am also a member of the:

  • Huddersfield Intergenerational Research Group
  • Gender and Sexuality Research Group

External research group memberships

  • British Society of Criminology
  • Yorkshire and Humberside regional group of the British Society of Criminology
  • Howard League for Penal Reform

Research interests

Sex offender management, sex offender networks (in the virtual and real worlds), hostel accommodation for offenders, offender institutions, rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, social control and surveillance mechanisms, qualitative research methods and social exclusion.

Research projects

I completed my PhD in the lived experiences of high risk sex offenders accommodated in a Probation Approved Premises in 2008. Previous projects include: support needs of survivors of sexual abuse; sex education and sexual health services for young people; evaluations of the Carers Strategy in England and Wales; evaluation of the Carers Special Grant; school meal preference and habits of children and young people; and evaluation of the support services and activities for children and young people in a Welsh County.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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  • External Examiner BSc (Hons) Criminology and the University of Sunderland (2016-present)
  • External Examiner BSc (Hons) Community Justice at the University of Bradford (2010-2016)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2008 – present)
  • Member of the British Society of Criminology (2010 – present)
  • Member of the Yorkshire and Humberside regional group of British Society of Criminology (2011-present)
  • Member of the steering group for Leeds Circle of Support and Accountabilty (2010-11)

Research Degree Supervision

Areas of research interested in supervising:

  • Sex offender and/or high risk offender reintegration, desistance and rehabilitative work (especially in terms of the experiences of offenders, staff and other stakeholders, such as local communities)
  • Sex offender social networks and relationships in the real and virtual environments, including Sexual Ageplay online
  • Circles of Support and Accountability
  • Work undertaken in Probation Approved Premises, particularly in respect to high risk and/or sex offenders
  • The experience of offender transitions between prison and Probation Approved Premises, and Approved Premises and community residence
  • The desistance process
  • The experience of imprisonment and/or reintegration and resettlement
  • Qualitative research methods and ethics in research, particularly relating to ethnographic work

Current roles on supervisory teams:

Masters by Research

  • Richard Reid: Understanding offenders’ desistance (Main supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves, co-supervisor is Kathryn Sharratt)
  • Rachel McLoughlin: Offending and Morality (Main supervisor is Dr Andrew Newton, co-supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves)
  • Chloe McDermott: Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (CSOD) (Main supervisor is Dr Bernard Gallagher, co-supervisors are Dr Andrew Newton and Dr Carla Reeves)
  • Frances Hawkins: Prison staff beliefs on, perceptions and awareness of, and attitudes towards prison radicalisation and extremism (Main supervisor: Professor Alex Hirschfield, co-supervisor are Kris Christmann and Dr Carla Reeves)
  • Julia Kendrick-Keavey: The support needs of male victims of Child Sexual Exploitation in New York State, US (Main supervisor is Dr Bernard Gallagher, co supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves)


  • Tracey Hardy: The impact of imprisonment for the wider family network of prisoners (Main supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves, co-supervisor is Graham Gibbs)
  • Marie Nilsson: Fear of crime: A comparative study between Sweden and UK (Main supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves, co-supervisors are Melanie Flynn and Kathryn Sharratt)
  • Jade McGlynn: An exploration of resettlement and reintegration: Organisational frameworks, practice and desistance (Main supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves, co-supervisor is Dr Chris Cameron)
  • Dawn Wibberley: Is prevention better than cure? Support, acceptability and viability in working with child sex offenders in England and Wales. (Main supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves, co-supervisors are Professor Rachel Armitage and Dr Bernard Gallagher)
  • Anneka Fatania: How do professional reports address culpability when assessing the mental impairment of criminally responsible convicted male sex offenders? (Main supervisor is Dr Carla Reeves, co-supervisor is Selina Copley)

Completed roles on supervisory teams:

Masters by Research

  • Jade McGlynn - on identity and the process of reintegration from prison for persistent offenders on short-term prison sentences (I was main supervisor, co-supervisor was Dr Chris Cameron)
  • Ruvimbo Gombedza - on the reintegrative support needs and services for female offenders on release from prison (I am main supervisor, Kris Christmann is co-supervisor)
  • Tahir Abbas - on the impact of imprisonment on the family of minority ethnic groups (I am co-supervisor, Ben Raikes is the main supervisor)


  • Jacqui Bent: Psychopathy and the non-offender: Exploring the affective, cognitive, neurological deficits and incidence of atypical sexual fantasy and practice associated with psychopathic traits in non-offender populations. (Main Supervisor: Dr Helen Gavin)

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Carla Reeves


MSc by Research

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Subject Leader in Criminology (from January 2012)
  • School Academic Integrity Officer (from September 2012)
  • Chair of Course Assessment Boards (from September 2012)
  • Member of the University Accreditation and Validation Panel (from April 2012)
  • Member of the School Accreditation and Validation Panel (from April 2012)
  • Deputy Chair School Accreditation and Validation Panel (from September 2014)
  • Member of the School Course Committee Panel (from April 2012)
  • Member of the University Postgraduate Extenuating Circumstances Panel (from September 2015)
  • Course Leader BSc (Hons) Criminology (May 2009 - August 2012)

Teaching and Professional Activities

Alongside postgraduate research supervision I currently contribute to teaching across the Criminology undergraduate programme provision. This includes current module leadership of:

  • Experiencing Punishment and the Penal System
  • Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Final Year Project (Criminology co-ordinator)

I also contribute to teaching on the following modules:

  • Working with Offenders and Victims
  • International and Organised Crime
  • Contemporary and Comparative Criminology
  • Exploring the Social Sciences