Portrait of Dr Claudia Bordogna Dr Claudia Bordogna

c.bordogna@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473018


Position: Course Leader and Senior Lecturer Enterprise Development, Department of Management
Qualifications: PhD, BA(Hons), MA, PgCHE, FHEA


Claudia Bordogna joined the University of Huddersfield Business School as a lecturer in July 2009, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in September 2012. Prior to embarking on an academic career, Claudia worked in a variety of senior project management posts, predominately in live brand communication working for a host of globally recognisable brands, and also managed a Leadership Education Centre in Hertfordshire during 2005. Using her background experience of live communication and leadership training, she developed teaching for the UK and China that sought to awaken the enterprise potential of our students, whilst encouraging them to consider and reflect upon entrepreneurship and new venture creation. The feedback from China and the UK has been tremendous and motivated her to try new teaching and learning initiatives that inspire enterprise in students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her teaching is structured to support enterprise, and assessments are created that both stretch, develop and test student skills and capabilities.

Inspired by her teaching in China, as part of a transnational educational (TNE) partnership between Huddersfield, NCUK and USST (China), Claudia’s PhD further explores TNE partnership development between the UK and China, whereby she explores the value of activity theory, the transformational model of social action and social action theory as tools for deconstructing and analysing TNE partnerships. Claudia is interested in the effects of globalisation on UK HE and the internationalisation strategies adopted by the sector. She is member of the HEA internationalisation of the curriculum and TNE research and practice networks, and was involved with the HEA on a consultation process of the HEAs draft framework for internationalisation of the curriculum. She is also a member of BERA and the SRHE, as well as being involved in multiple research networks focusing on internationalisation in Higher Education, such as the East Asia Research Network based at Hull University.

Primary research interests include the development of international (educational) partnerships, internationalisation of HE, curricula and pedagogical developments. She is also interested in the enterprise education and the role played by academics in enhancing and inspiring enterprising students.

Research and Scholarship

Professional Memberships:

  • Society for Research in Higher Education
  • British Educational Research Association
  • Enterprise Educators UK
  • Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Research Interests:

  • Practice orientated theory about the management of partnerships and alliances
  • Transformational learning and the application of learning within international partnerships and alliances
  • The Internationalisation of higher education, with a particular focus on the development of transnational education and international staff mobility.
  • “Enterprising” UK higher education- ways in which UK institutions are responding to global opportunities

I am also interested in the application and advancement of specific theories such as cultural-historical activity theory, rational choice theory, relational transactional analysis, social exchange theory and structure-agency theory, with a specific focus on the morphogenesis approach of Margret Archer.

Research Grants:

University of Huddersfield Business School Research Grant 2013 £1800

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Bordogna, C (2017) ‘The effects of boundary spanning on the development of social capital between faculty members operating transnational higher education partnerships.Studies in Higher Education . ISSN 0307-5079

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Bordogna, C (2016) ‘How do the activities of faculty members affect relationships in TNE partnerships? Findings from an empirical investigation of two Sino-British TNE partnerships’. In: Research Symposium: Bridging the gap: Research and practice in transnational education, 10th June 2016, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Bordogna, C (2016) ‘How do the activities of faculty members affect relationships in TNE partnerships? Findings from an empirical investigation of two Sino-British TNE partnerships’. In: The Benefits and Challenges of Internationalisation in Competitive Global HE Environment Celebrating one year of the Hull ASEAN network, Tuesday 22 March 2016, University of Hull, UK

Bordogna, C (2016) How do the Activities of Faculty Members affect Relationships and Partnership Developments in Transnational Higher Education Contexts? A Study of two Sino-British Transnational Higher Education Partnerships Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.


Bordogna, C (2015) ‘Managing classroom tensionsForum Magazine , pp. 24-25.

Bordogna, C. and Harvey, H. (2015) Reflecting on the HEA’s Internationalising Higher Education Framework Available at: https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/reflecting-hea%E2%80%99s-internationalising-higher-education-framework


Bordogna, C (2014) ‘Transnational Higher Education Partnership Development: A New Research Agenda?’. In: BERA Annual Conference, 23-25th September 2014, Institute of Education, London

Bordogna, C (2014) ‘Investigating Sino-British Partnership Development through the Practices of Faculty’. In: HEA Annual Conference 2014, 2nd - 3rd July 2014, Aston University, Birmingham, UK

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  • Reviewer for Higher Education, Education + Training and The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Co-convenor of the BERA 2015 SiG event ‘CHAT:Possible Futures- Advancing Research in Cultural Historical Activity Theory’ Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.
  • Book reviewer for Routledge
  • 2011 University Extra Mile Award finalist

Research Degree Supervision

I am keen to work with motivated and ambitious research students in the following broadly defined areas. Please contact me if you wish to discuss the development of your postgraduate research:

  • Within and cross border (international) partnership/alliance research in a variety of contexts
  • Organisational culture and partnership/alliance research
  • The internationalisation of higher education (all strategic types)
  • Developing and managing transnational project teams dynamics and behaviours

Enterprise Activities

  • I currently work closely with a variety of entrepreneurs who work in creative industries in the West Yorkshire region
  • International travel and connections with educational institutions overseas

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Teaching and Learning Institute Board Member
  • Business School International Recruitment Officer (China)
  • Business School Research Committee

Teaching and Professional Activities

My approach to teaching is student centred, with a belief founded in inspiring and encouraging students to attain the highest academic and professional standards. I wish to inspire enterprising students who have a passion to develop new innovations and develop their own businesses ideas. My teaching and research is inspired by a genuine passion for the social sciences and philosophical matters which create debate and opinions. Business requires students to engage in complex strategic matters, be creative and use their knowledge in ways that promote organisational objectives and the self. By encouraging students both in the UK and China to be active researchers, current materials are continuously enhanced and updated, encouraging students to see the benefits of their research. Students are encouraged to publish in University publications and develop their publishing portfolio whilst on the course.