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Position: Senior Lecturer in Digital Transformation, Department of Management
Qualifications: BA, MSc, PhD, FHEA

Abdul joined the University of Huddersfield Business School in 2001. Previously Abdul was a programmer working on Content Management Systems for the BUBL information service at the University of Strathclyde. Within his current role, Abdul is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Transformation with a focus on Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Information systems and the Blockchain. Abdul has developed modules with this kind of teaching in mind. He has been instrumental in driving forward and contributing to a programme of University wide strategic development. In addition to his teaching Abdul maintains an online Blog which outlines his current research and academic interests, this can be found at https://researcholic.wordpress.com/.

While working in UK Higher Education Abdul has accumulated over 10 years of academic experience, this includes, course design, course development, assessment, moderation, and feedback. This complements his technical skills where Abdul's background is very much in software design and online development. He has a BA (Hons) In Interactive Media and a MSc in Internet Application Development and in addition he is also a member of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). He recently completed his PhD in Business Management at the University of Huddersfield.

Research and Scholarship

Abdul has worked on a wide range of internally and externally funded projects. His research ranges from Internationalisation to the Blockchain and organisational behavior. Current research projects investigate cutting edge technology and its impact on business processes such as the supply chain and authenticity. His interests in these areas have been fundamental in publishing in 2 and 3* journals alongside book chapters across the world.

Abdul is also a passionate advocate of displaying research at conferences. Meeting academics from different institutions is critical to developing new and innovative research, to this end Abdul is currently looking for opportunities and collaboration opportunities. Abdul also provides consultancy, support and guidance to Alumni who have been successful in setting up their own Business, prominent among them is Zurleys.co.uk, who now receive in excess of 100,000 visitors a month.

Abdul’s teaching areas are very practical by nature and are focused on the areas of technology and decision making systems with a particular interest in e-commerce retailing and Digital marketing. To this end Abdul is active in helping students develop and implement online Businesses. Abdul has been involved in helping student’s setup website businesses, apps, retail stores from business concept, design and implementation.

In addition, Abdul has a profound interest in the teaching and learning process. He has been instrumental in driving forward change from within the Business school leading on key initiatives such as the Flying start programme and the retention task force. This teaching and learning approach is underpinned by a passion to work with business, to this end Abdul has worked on and been successful in applying for and obtaining Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with local companies. This is complemented by a funding strategy where Abdul has been successful in obtaining over £30,000 worth of funding. Finally, Abdul is a member of the Higher education academy and currently undertaking the process of professional accreditation with ALT technology.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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My research responsibilities also include acting as a reviewer for the following highly ranked journals:

·         Race Ethnicity and Education

·         Studies in Higher Education

·         Management Teaching Review

·         Reviewer for the Academy of Marketing, 2017 Conference

·         The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I am also the owner, main contributor and founder of https://researcholic.wordpress.com/. This is a research based blog with a focus on methods and research approaches for undergraduate and postgraduate students. This has been an extremely successful academic based website with over 2000 visitors a month with over 50,000 visitors in three years.

In addition, I am an external examiner at:

·         Wolverhampton University

·         City College Norwich

I have also been heavily involved in internal examination supervision of multiple PHD’s with an internal team at the University of Huddersfield.

Research Degree Supervision

PhD. Examination

  • For Hull University Business School (2016) External Examiner
  • For University of Huddersfield (2016) Internal progression examination
  • University of Huddersfield (2017) Internal Examiner

My current interests are varied; I am looking for students who are interested in working with me on the following research areas:

  • Information Science, Software ethics and privacy
  • Big Data/Cloud - Decision making systems
  • Digital Skills and Cyber security
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Social media engagement and Analytics
  • e-commerce retailing and Digital marketing

If you have an idea that is related, but does not specifically match these criteria please do get in touch to discuss.

Postgraduate research opportunities with Dr Abdul Jabbar



Enterprise Activities

Hosted Seminars (HEA) - Jabbar, A (2013) ‘Technology and Implementation for distance learning students’. In: Higher Education Academy HEA Seminar on Improving the learning experience of overseas students on postgraduate academic law programs, 25th June 2013, Huddersfield University Business School

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – with a SME A B Copyright Develop an Online marketing and SEO strategy for a Office Supplies Business (£30,000)

Funding Grant: “Pilot study into the use of SMS to aid Student retention” -  £1000 funding obtained with an implementation of a SMS system university wide

Funding Grant: “Mobile Learning Project” - £4000 funding obtained with a view to investigate embedding the pedagogical aspects of social media learning into the classroom.

Funding Grant: “M-Portfolio” - £6930 funding obtained with a view to investigating the embedding of PDP as a IPhone application.

Consultancy: “Rhodes Consulting” -  £1000 funding to investigate the role of an open source VLE in the development of courses for a private management training company.

Consultancy: “Cranfield Nursery” - Provided strategic advice and support to a SME with a focus on collecting data, storing data and utilising this data in a decision making context.

Consultancy: “Northern Broadsides” - Analytical support and guidance in helping this small charity leverage its offline position to create an online brand.

Administrative Responsibilities

Working at the University of Huddersfield I have been project lead for many of our innovative and important projects. These projects are critical to the Business school and University strategy. I have been project lead for the following key programmes:

  • Flying start programme – A programme to help induct year 1 undergraduate students with an aim to build student confidence and academic skills while identifying issues which may impact on student progression
  • Retention Task force – Project lead for a school wide group which developed specific retention based processes. This was underpinned by the identification and monitoring of specific metrics to minimise student dropout rates.

My experience as an academic has also benefitted the Business School across the many working parties and committees I am involved with. I am and have been involved with multiple steering groups which have had a positive impact on the University environment, some examples include:

  • Business School key member of the lecture capture implementation and strategy group
  • Project lead on a Business School academic training strategy
  • Project lead for the management and migration of the Business School VLE infrastructure.
  • Exploring multiple SMS solutions to utilise as part of university infrastructure
  • Panel member of the University Thematic review to analyse student satisfaction in relation to the VLE
  • HEA Equip project which was a change management process looking specifically at current VLE processes and how they can support student learning.

As part of my role I also sit on the following steering groups and committees:

  • VLE Steering Group
  • Mobile Steering group
  • Learning technology development group
  • Lecture capture initial change management group
  • Lecture capture development group
  • Research and enterprise committee
  • School teaching and learning committee
  • Ipad steering group

Teaching and Professional Activities

I have an extensive background in teaching at a UK Higher education institution. During my time at this institution I have accumulated over 10 years of academic experience, this includes, course design, course development, assessment, moderation, and feedback. My current teaching interests relate to a range of backgrounds, from Business management to Communication systems and Information technology.

My primary teaching role at the moment involves being sole module leader for Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Digital Business Management and Business Information systems. While this is a very demanding role, the modules are topical in their nature having a very high student intake, for example in the past four years (12, 13, 14 & 15) I have been responsible for over 2000 final year students.