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Pharmacist, academic and Principal Enterprise Fellow in Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy University of Huddersfield, Fellow of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and Visiting Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sheffield with published work in the BMJ. Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society National Pharmacy Board. Consultant Pharmacist at the Drug Safety Research Unit, University of Southampton, coordinating a feasibility study which involves pharmacists in specialist cohort event monitoring studies.

Since graduating and gaining his PhD in Pharmacy Practice, his career has spanned community practice, health promotion, academia, research, guideline development and voluntary work. His specialist interest revolves around the health status of black and minority ethnic groups and health inequalities - especially relating to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and barriers to accessing treatment. His work on prescribing variations has been presented in USA and has also been an invited speaker at the Italian Family Physicians Congress in Bari Italy promoting pharmacy services and care closer to home.

Actively involved with raising the awareness of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and its risk factors locally and nationally, together with the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in terms of its prevention. This is predominantly directed to various communities of religious and ethnic variation across the country, through health promotion programmes. Subsequently developed instrumental helping to develop an education programme for Health Advocates and Bi-lingual link workers within South Asian communities – to empower people to promote the understanding and management of CHD. Its success led to a three-year project being funded jointly by the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health and the findings published in a respected peer reviewed journal. The courses have been independently evaluated by York University and now made available to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) as ‘off the shelf’ training packages to act as educational tools to assist in health promotion nationally. The tool kit has won now the BMA Patient Information Awards and subsequent work with Sheffield PCT contributed to the success of the Champions for Achieving Better health in Sheffield (CABS) Project - acknowledged in the post-2010 Marmot Review and now 2010 finalists for the Working in Partnership Health Services Journal (HSJ) Awards.

Proud of the long term association with the British Heart Foundation and as Advisor in Pharmacy matters relating to health of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups which extends to the South Asian Health Foundation as their northern lead. Advises on the Ethnic Health Strategy Committee of the British Heart Foundation and the Cardiovascular Working Group of the South Asian Health Foundation as Vice-Chairman. Organised and developed programmes nationally to carry out opportunistic screening for cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring at large group gatherings, including Melas, in order to raise the awareness of likely risk factors that can cause CVD among high risk audiences. Also regularly involved in delivering the South Asian Community Health Education (SACHE) programme on to communities in the northern areas of England. This was following the successful launch of its DVD (Matters of the Heart) at the House of Lords in 2007.

As a member of the Editorial Board of the Heart Health Magazine (British Heart Foundation), regularly contributes with health updates and articles on the understanding and correct usage of medicines. The magazine is distributed nationally on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, I now regularly comment on topical and health related issues for Asian Voice, a national newspaper aimed at those of South Asian origin.

My area of research and knowledge, specifically focussing around South Asian health, has now been recognised nationally, such that I was an active member of the Department of Health’s NICE Guideline Development Group for Medicines Adherence published in 2009 and culminated as very recently becoming a Fellow of NICE. Appointed as the first professional ambassador for NHS Evidence to help health and social care professionals access high quality evidence based information and now innovatively creating a staged model of NHS Evidence Student Champions across a number of universities and healthcare faculties including medicine, nursing as well as pharmacy. Senior academics and researchers will be also targeted alongside voluntary and non-voluntary organisations, with a view to presenting the benefits of NHS Evidence at national and international conferences. Became vice-chair of the NICE Accreditation Advisory Committee in 2014.

In my role as Consultant Pharmacist and Pharmacy Academic Lead for the NIHR CLRN (NHS) - Yorkshire, I am responsible for encouraging and developing portfolio research among pharmacists. Collaboration internationally has lead to recently being appointed as Visiting Professor at the College of Pharmacy Wilkes University Pennsylvania USA.

Research and Scholarship

My area of research and knowledge, specifically focussing around South Asian health, has now been recognised nationally through the Department of Health’s NICE Guideline Development Group for Clinical Concordance published in 2009. This guidance could help influence health recommendations to Primary Care Trusts and GPs at a national level in order to improve medicines concordance and ultimately health outcome. I am also developing this work through my recognition as a Fellow of NICE with a particular focus around cultural, religious and language barriers.

As Coronary Heart Disease is a major cause of premature death and illness resulting in serious social and economic problems. The benefits of Lipid Lowering Drugs (LLDs) and aspirin for the prevention of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) are well documented and effective management of CHD is a national priority. I am currently exploring the relationship between practice demographics and prescribing rates of key drugs used for the prevention of CHD for 2006 – 2007 and determine whether there is any change since that reported using data for 1996 – 1997 in Bradford, when the prescribing of LLDs and certain practice demographics (indices of deprivation and workload, percentage of SE Asian patients, number of GPs and gender of both patient and prescriber) demonstrated that prescribing rates were the lowest among patients in practices with the greatest proportion South East Asian population (Patel et al BMJ 2002).

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Research Degree Supervision

I am supervising a PhD student to carry out a ten-year follow up study to ascertain if there have been changes in prescribing practice which would indicate that government initiatives to reduce health inequalities have positively influenced prescribing rates in these areas.

Interested in improving medicines concordance and ultimately health outcome. Also investigating barriers to accessing healthcare and pharmaceutical services particularly among disadvantaged groups and through effective health promotion and health education tailored to local needs.