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Jill Townsley is an artist who works predominantly with large-scale sculpture, though her practice has expanded to include time based media, especially time-lapse animation that documents her process or the temporality of her large sculptures. Her exhibitions may also include drawing and photography. She studied Sculpture at the Royal College of Art and has a practice-based PhD in Fine Art from Liverpool University, for which she received a Gladstone Fellowship from the University of Chester. Her work has been reviewed in the journal Artfractures in an article entitled Moments of Repetition by Robert Luzar and featured in a variety of newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, Korean Elle Magazine, AD magazine (2008) Craft Magazine and the Independent (2011).

She has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in the exhibition Compulsive , Obsessive, Repetitive (Summer 2011) at Towner Contemporary in Eastbourne. Other exhibitions include Second Lives – Remixing the Ordinary, (2008 – 09) the at the Museum of Art and Design in New York and a solo exhibition at the Nunnery Gallery London (2010). She has had work commissioned (2011) by the international architects firm Gensler for the offices of Clifford Chance in Washington DC. Future exhibitions include a solo exhibition at the Project 4 Gallery also in Washington DC, USA (2012). Jill has recently had artwork and an essay published in an Arts Council funded book 100 Things Not Worth Repeating: On Repetition (2011) edited by Marianne Holm Hansen and published by Lemon Melon.

Jill’s PhD is entitled The Process of Repetition: Temporalities, Labour, Appropriations and Authorship (2010) and has initiated papers for conference and publication including: The Process of Repetition - Digital Representations of Repetitive Labour Through Time (2010) at the SoftBorders New Media Art Conference and Festival in Sao Paulo Brazil and The Process of Repetition: Transgressing the Boundaries of Fine Art, Craft and Design (2010) at the 2nd International Forum of Design as a Process at the University of Averio, Portugal.

Research and Scholarship

My work is inherently repetitive, not as an endlessly repeating subject or object but repetition embedded within the process of art production. The work is often large in scale, installation based or temporary, though the physical action applied to its construction is generally of a domestic ‘hand-held' dimension, and always excruciatingly repetitive.

In order to explore further into the act of repeating, I have been drawn towards materials that offer a multiplicity, or act in a singular way when an action is applied to them and then repeated. Materials such as, till rolls, plastic spoons and rubber bands, have characteristics that can indicate repetitive ways of working. The actions of labour applied, are often simple and unskilled, such as looping, tying or scribbling. The labours are meaningless as singular, but often become more than the sum of the parts when repeated. In this way each repetition has value towards a greater intent.

I am interested in repetition not just as a device or a pre-requisite to forming a critical mass or achieving a particular form, but as a tool to question our cultural concerns. The act of repeating is capable of highlighting our relationship to, time and temporality, the concept of the moment, failure, erasure and authorship.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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