Portrait of  Joanne Pigott Joanne Pigott

j.m.h.pigott@hud.ac.uk | 01484 473596


An Interior, Exhibition Designer with experience in the leisure industry; design of Bars and Hotel spaces, and exhibition work in Cannes, Orlando, Singapore, New York, London and Birmingham. Exhibition clients ranged from Brown Forman (brands such as Jack Daniels and Finlandia Vodka) to Brio, Tashia, Allied Domecq (brands such as Mumm Champagne and Taboo), Cadburys and DunHill.

Having a range of teaching experience which has developed and led to Year tutor role within the BA(Hons) Interior, Exhibition and Retail course.

Teaching Responsibilities

As 0.8 Fractional post my Teaching responsibilities include ‘Year tutor’ for BA1, support over all three/four years of the BA(Hons) Interior Design / BA (Hons) Exhibition and Retail Design Degree, support to the Architecture and Interior Foundation year as well as cross disciplinary teaching to Textiles Design for Fashion and Interiors.

Through my role as support Admissions Tutor support, my teaching has taken a particular emphasis upon nurturing the transition from Foundation/interview stage through into BA1. I am module leader for the two (30 credits) design modules in BA1 and the 20 credit 8000 word Research Study in BA3/4.

Other Responsibilities

  • BA1 Year Tutor
  • Admissions Tutor support
  • Recruitment
  • Pastoral Support
  • Cross Discipline Service Teaching for Textile Design

Research and Scholarship

My area of Research and Scholarship focuses upon ‘Shadow:PLAY and Incidentals’, whereby clarity and understanding of how ‘spaces’ can be read and interacted with through the occurrence of shadows (absence of light). To rediscover the qualities of shadow in order to explore human emotional responses to ‘spaces’, that could open up possibilities to their very formation.

To actively engage with ‘shadow design’, and how this impacts upon spatial environments across a wide sector. To consider how we view, use and respond to these ‘considered spaces’.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Pigott, J., Hargreaves, J. and Power, J. (2016) ‘Liminal Hospital Spaces; Corridors to Well-Being?’. In: WELL-BEING 2016: Co-Creating Pathways to Well-Being, The Third International Conference Exploring the Multi-Dimensions of Well-Being, 5th-6th September 2016, Birmingham, UK


Pigott, J., Swann, D., Hargreaves, J. and Power, J. (2015) ‘Hospitalisation: A study investigating the personalisation of sterile domains.’. In: Design4Health Conference 2015, 13 – 16 July 2015, Sheffield, UK


Pigott, J. and Blindell, P. (2011) ‘Digital dialogues: The Hyper-Layered Sketchbook’. In: Recto-Verso, Redefining The Sketchbook, 10th-11th February 2011, University of Lincoln