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After working in industry I joined the University in 2002. I am involved in teaching, research, and outreach. My research interests are in Artificial Intelligence. My teaching interests are in Object Oriented Programming, computer architecture, and new and emerging software technologies. I am the Course Leader for BSc Computing Studies, a top-up course for holders of HND/FdSc, and Year Tutor for our new "Year Zero " Computing Foundation leading to a Computing degree course which had its first intake of students in 2007. I am the Huddersfield representative for the West Yorkshire Further Mathematics Network. I enjoy my role; it is very varied and no two days are alike. Outside of the University I like spending time with my family, walking, cycling, gardening, and looking after the fish in our pond. I took part in the BBC Radio 3 Bach celebrations a couple of years ago, which was great fun.

Research and Scholarship

My research interests to date have centred on aspects of Artificial Intelligence, in particular, Constraint Programming. Constraint Programming is used to solve Constraint Satisfaction Problems where the problem is stated in terms of variables. For example, in a timetabling problem there may be variables to represent each class, room, and lecturer. Each variable would have a set of possible values, its domain; this could be the time slots in a day. Constraints are then placed on those variables, such as a lecturer cannot be in more than one room in any one time slot. In Constraint Programming, the user specifies the problem and the computer attempts to search for a solution that satisfies all the constraints. The focus of my work is on techniques for choosing heuristics to improve the search function. I have recently started work on using AI Planning as a technique to improve computer games. On a very different note, I am currently working with a colleague on designing software to stimulate and encourage interaction and discussion.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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