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Glenn was awarded a BA in Geography from University College London in 1974 and an MA in Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, University of London in 1976. In 2008 he gained a PhD in battlefield archaeology from the University of East Anglia.

He worked as a professional archaeologist in Northamptonshire from 1976 to 2002, as Sites and Monuments Officer, Planning Archaeologist and later as County Archaeologist. While working in the county he designed and was involved in the implementation of various major projects including the Raunds Area Project, the Northamptonshire Extensive Urban Survey, and a major GIS mapping project on the historic landscape of the county. He also undertook a 20 year programme of archaeological aerial survey and digital mapping.

From 2002 – 2010 he worked as an archaeological consultant, for the Battlefields Trust , English Heritage, Historic Scotland and others, on various major projects mainly in battlefield archaeology. This included preparing the content of the UK Battlefields Resource Centre for the Battlefields Trust (2002-2006). Glenn lectures widely on battlefield archaeology and occasionally contributes to TV archaeological programme, most recently Time Team Special 20:1066 The Lost Battlefield, broadcast in 2013.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and advisor on archaeology to the Battlefields Trust. He was visiting lecturer in the Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds 2005-2010, joining the University of Huddersfield as Reader in Battlefield Archaeology in 2010.

Research and Scholarship

Glenn has researched and written widely on the archaeology and history of battles and sieges of the medieval and early modern period in the UK and Europe. He specialises in systematic metal detecting survey of battlefields, analysis of lead projectiles, terrain analysis from documentary and archaeological evidence, and primary documentary research on military history especially of the Civil Wars in England. In this research the recording, integration and spatial analysis of battlefield and terrain data is achieved through the use of Global Positioning (GPS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Glenn also has extensive experience in landscape archaeology, including aerial archaeology, fieldwalking survey, and the study of Anglo-Saxon, medieval and early modern settlement from documentary and archaeological evidence.

In 1995 he completed the first detailed study of a UK battlefield which integrated battlefield archaeology with military history to advance understanding of an individual battle, Naseby (1645) (Naseby: The Decisive Campaign, Pryor Publications, 1995). In 2004-7 at Edgehill he conducted the first full battlefield systematic archaeological survey in the UK (Edgehill 1642: The Archaeology of a Battle, Archaeopress 2012). In 2005-210 he led a major investigation which located the true site of Bosworth (1485) battlefield and revealed the first extensive archaeological evidence for the large scale battlefield use of artillery in late medieval Europe (with A. Curry, Bosworth Battlefield Rediscovered, Oxbow, 2013).

Out of these projects he has developed a new strand of archaeologically-led research into the origins of firepower. This includes collaboration with other researchers in neutron tomography and 3D laser scanning of lead projectiles; experimental firing of gunpowder weapons to examine firing and impact evidence on lead projectiles and to explore ranges and effectiveness of late medieval and early modern artillery and small arms; analysis of surviving hand guns and small (<100mm bore) artillery of the 15th & 16th centuries in Europe, to advance understanding of firing evidence on projectiles and to inform design of firing experiments; and analysis of lead projectiles from battlefield, wreck and garrison sites across Europe, to advance understanding of bullet assemblages.

He has also undertaken national conservation management studies of battlefields for both Historic Scotland and English Heritage, and advised on the project to prepare a Battlefields Register in the Republic of Ireland. He has also acted as an advisor on battlefield archaeology to the Flemish Heritage Service and to the Lutzen battlefield survey in Germany: http://www.lda-lsa.de/de/filme/schlachtfeldarchaeologie/schlachtfeldarchaeologie_nicht_nur_in_england_ii_glenn_foard/. For English Heritage in 2010 he undertook an assessment of battlefields at risk, considering current state of knowledge, condition and ongoing threats to these sites, and defining conservation management needs. With Rob Janaway and Dr Andy Wilson, he also designed and ran a project (AHRC/EPSRC Science and Heritage Research Clusters Scheme) to assess the threats to the survival of metal artefacts from historic battlefields.

He is currently undertaking a British Academy funded pilot project to assess the research potential of all the battlefields of the Wars of the Roses and has begun a two year study of the 1471 battlefield of Barnet with funding from the Hadley Trust.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Conference Item

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Kilcoyne, S., Cywinski, R., Foard, G., Gannon, K. and Pirling, T. (2014) Strain analysis of 15th century roundshot [Dataset]

Kilcoyne, S., Cywinski, R., Foard, G., Gannon, K. and Pirling, T. (2014) Strain analysis of 15th century guns and projectiles [Dataset]

Research Degree Supervision

Various aspects of battlefield archaeology and military history including:

  • Metal detecting survey for battlefield archaeology
  • Analysis of lead projectiles
  • Terrain analysis from documentary and archaeological evidence
  • Medieval and early modern battlefield and siege sites in the UK
  • Conservation management of historic battlefields
  • Military history of the Civil Wars in England

Currently supervising PhDs on the archaeology of warfare in 15-16th century England; the archaeology of sieges of the Civil War in England; impact evidence on early modern lead projectiles; decay of metal artefacts in the topsoil; and battlefield burial and commemoration in 15th to 17th century England.