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Originally born in Harare Zimbabwe, I spent my formative years living in Africa and the Middle East before settling in the UK in the early eighties.

I originally studied Graphic Design at Salford University. After leaving University I worked for a period as Art Editor for an unorthodox Fashion magazine based in Manchester. Inspired by a series of talks by Professor Calvin Seerveld on Aesthetics, I left the UK and went to Toronto Canada to study under his watchful eye. Whilst there I studied a combination of systematic aesthetics, philosophy, media studies, aesthetic education and sociology. During my four years in Toronto I worked as a freelance designer / artist on a broad variety of projects from print, through short films, into the newly emergent "internet " and a variety of experimental hypermedia projects.

Having had enough of snow and sub-zero temperatures & I felt a desire to return to my roots. I undertook a period of voluntary work in Southern Africa, teaching and developing "street kids " which turned out to be one of my most challenging and rewarding ventures!

I returned to England in the late 90s and completed an MSc in Interactive Multimedia Production here at Huddersfield (one of the first of its kind) and was then persuaded to stay on to teach it. I ended up running it for a few years and have taught a broad range of modules around the area of Branding / Visual Studies / Visual Culture. I find new challenges all the time and am currently proud to be teaching & supporting students in areas as diverse as information systems, a range of multimedia disciplines right through to computer games design. I am final year tutor to the schools portfolio of multimedia degrees and I would describe myself as a man of independent mind, being equally at home with artists and technologists alike.

Research and Scholarship

I am interested in literally anything related to design. My research interests include philosophy, the history and philosophy of media, visual culture, art and design, art history and aesthetics, graphic design, information visualisation, creative imaging, visual design, interactive and installation art, digital narratives, non-narrative approaches to media, interaction design, GUI (graphic user interface) theories and design, architecture, sociology, branding, viral / participative culture and user generated content and media & to name but a few!

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