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Qualifications: BA(Hons), PGCE, MSc, EdD, SFHEA

Andrew Youde is Acting Head of Department for the Department of Education and Community Studies, and the Examinations Tutor for the BA (Hons) Educational Management and Administration. Having completed his MSc Multimedia and Education he joined the School in 2003 to lecture on this course and implement the BA. Before taking up this post he was Head of A Level Business and Economics at Huddersfield New College. He has particular research interests in the skills and qualities of online tutors with his doctoral research exploring the relationship between a tutor’s emotional intelligence and their success in blended learning environments.

Research and Scholarship

Current Research Interests

  • E-tutoring.
  • Emotional Intelligence and online tutors.
  • Educational Administration.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Editorial Board Member

Innovative Practice in HE Journal

Former External Examiner:

  • University of Aston - Foundation Degree in HE/FE Management and Administration;
  • University of Staffordshire - Postgraduate/University Professional Certificate in Higher Education Leadership and Practice and Foundation Degree in Professional Support for Education.

Research Degree Supervision

Teaching and Professional Activities

Andrew teaches MSc Multimedia and E-learning and the BA (Hons) Educational Management and Administration.

The modules he teaches include E-tutoring, Human Resources, Theories and Strategies of Learning, Educational Systems Analysis, Research Methodologies, as well as supervising Masters and Honours level dissertations.