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I have been lecturing at the University of Huddersfield since 2004 where I am now Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Popular Music Production. Prior to joining the UOH I taught music technology at Manchester College of Arts and Technology.

Professionally I have been involved in the music industry for the past 15 years. Initially I assisted and engineered in local studios in my home town of Derry Northern Ireland before turning to producing Drum and Bass as Austin M and then house music as The Shafunkers, Northern Grove and D-Track. I have many releases and remixes on a large number of labels. I studied Popular Music and Recording as an undergraduate and Compositiion as a postgraduate at the University of Salford.

A selecton of my discography

  • Austin M- Destroy/Come Now Rogue Trooper 1995
  • Austin M-Enter The Drums EP Rogue Trooper 1995
  • Austin M-The Step Up EP-Rogue Trooper 1996
  • Austin M-Covert/Sax Lick 9-Channel 9 1996
  • Sinewave-Im Just Scared/Close The Hatches- Metropolis 1998
  • Shafunkers-Act 1 EP-Premier Sounds-2001
  • Shafunkers-Act EP-Premier Sounds-2002
  • Shafunkers-Rhtyhm Design EP-Choo Choo Records-2003
  • Shafunkers-Everyday EP-Distraektions-2004
  • Shafunkers-White Key/Come on Down-Dirty Blue Records-2004
  • Shafunkers-Girls and Boys EP-Plastic Fantastic-2005
  • Shafunkers-You Don’t See Me-CR2-2005
  • Shafunkers-Hotter Than The Weather-SR2 2005
  • Shafunkers-Electric Acid EP-Saved Recordings 2005
  • Shafunkers-Man Woman Club EP-Spin Out Records-2006
  • Shafunkers-Play Around-Deeper Substance-2006
  • Shafunkers-Ghost EP-Arvangardia-2007
  • Shafunkers-Tick Tock-G Club 2008


  • Claes Rosen - I Want - (Shafunkers remix) - Brown Eyed Boyz Records
  • Steve Mill - Vividence - (Shafunkers remix) - Tokio Recordings
  • Mike Hoska - Another Day (Shafunkers remix) - Witty Tunes
  • Tim Andreson - Don't Stop the Best -(Shafunkers remix) Strawberry Blonde
  • Funkagenda - San Francisco - (Shafunkers remix) Toolroom Records
  • Stu Hirst - Choral - (Shafunkers remix) Strawberry Blonde
  • Can Costa – Neo Zoolander (Shafunkers remix) – Vapourize Records
  • Demi – Gearbox (Shafunkers remix) – Deeper Substance Recordings
  • Mara – Satisfy Me (Shafunkers remix) – Choo Choo Records
  • Future Primitive – Freedom (Shafunkers remix) Distraekt Records
  • Evolution - Walking on Fire (Shafunkers remix) – Fluid/Bedrock
  • D. Ramirez - Bounce Your DJ (Shafunkers remix) – Choo Choo
  • Southman – Iman (Shafunkers remix) Premier Sounds
  • Marvin’s Ghost (Shafunkers feat Yousef mix) – Red Melon

Additionally I have produced numerous remixes and co-productions.

I am currently working on my PhD which is investigating the use of distortion as a production tool in Electronic Dance Music. 

Away from the university I play with and produce several bands in the rock/pop genre

Research and Scholarship

I am interested in the use of distortion in electronic dance music, mixing, popular music production and remixing. I am currently researching the 1176 FET compressor as its use in popular music production. Further studies aim to investigate valve, VCA and Opto designs and will make up a substantial part of my PhD Thesis.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


Moore, A. and Wakefield, J. (2017) ‘An Investigation into the Relationship Between the Subjective Descriptor Aggressive and the Universal Audio 1176 FET Compressor’. In: Audio Engineering Society 142nd, May 20-23 2017, Berlin


Moore, A (2016) ‘The motivation behind the use of Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) In Music Production and an analysis of its sonic signatures’. In: Art Of Record Production 2016 Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, December 2-4 2016, Aalborg University, Denmark

Moore, A., Till, R. and Wakefield, J. (2016) ‘An Investigation into the Sonic Signature of Three Classic Dynamic Range Compressors’. In: 140th International AES Convention, 4th-7th June 2016, Paris, France


Moore, A (2012) ‘All Buttons In: An investigation into the use of the 1176 FET compressor in popular music productionJournal on the Art of Record Production (6). ISSN 1754-9892


  • 2013 Course Validation University of Swansea External Academic
  • 2013 Course Validation Bournemouth University External Academic

Research Degree Supervision

Current opportunities

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Teaching and Professional Activities

Teaching/Research interests:

  • Music Production
  • Film Music
  • Computer Composition
  • Sonic Signatures
  • Non-Linear Music Production Processing