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Mark Mynett has been lecturing at the University of Huddersfield since 2006, where he is Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production and admissions tutor for the BA and BSc Popular Music Production courses. 

He has had an active interest in music since witnessing his first gig at the age of 12, swiftly followed by taking up the guitar and joining his first band shortly after. This eventually resulted in an extensive career as professional musician with six worldwide commercial album releases working with renowned producers Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap, and several years of high-profile touring. A natural progression of his long held passion and interest in the recording and production side of the industry saw Mark engineer, produce and mix the last two of these albums. From here, a six-year career as self-employed record producer within the indie, rock and metal genres commenced (see discography below), initially combining this work with gaining a BSc in Popular Music Production from Manchester University.

Away from lecturing and his work at Huddersfield, he has continued producing, engineering and mixing, and has recently collaborated on a number of projects with distinguished world-class Swedish producer Jens Bogren. Alongside these commitments to music production, Mark is frequently invited to write articles on the subject for various music technology publications. These include Sound on Sound, for which he wrote November 2009’s cover feature, as well as Guitar World (U.S.) and Computer Music, where he is also a regular reviews contributor.

In recent years, he has additionally increased his involvement within the live music arena. Highlights of 2010 included an engagement as front-of-house sound engineer at the Download Festival, Donington Park, England, as well as numerous shows in mainland Europe to 2/3,000 capacity venues.

Mark is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is currently completing a PhD in engineering, producing and mixing the contemporary metal genre. 

Having spent many years as a professional musician then record producer, Mark is keen to develop research ideas with a focus on commercial applications within the recording, engineering, production and post-production of the indie, rock and contemporary metal genres. Please see ‘Areas for Research Supervision’.


Produced, engineered and mixed by Mark Mynett unless otherwise stated

  • Kill 2 This – Mass Down Sin Drone – Plastic Head Records/USA; Abstract – 2003
  • Psylence – Through Distorted Eyes – Casket Music – 2004
  • Everything for Some – A Thought Refused – In at the Deep End Records – 2005
  • Kaizen- Sink – Sony – 2005
  • InSilence – InSilence – Self Released 2005
  • Thousand Points of Hate – A Scar to Mark the Day – Casket Music - 2006 - Mix
  • Head On- XXL –Universal - 2006
  • Everything for Some – Identity – Casket Music – 2006
  • Gone Til Winter – Demo - 2006
  • Utopia – Upon Reflection – Self Released - 2007
  • Chaos Blood – Fragments of a Shattered Skull – Siege of Amida Records – 2007
  • Siren Lake – Stars and Silver Lined Clouds – Self Released – 2007
  • City of God – A New Spiritual Mountain – Requiem Digital Media - 2007
  • Roy Bennett – On Top of the World – Self Released - 2008
  • For Untold Reasons – Oubliette – Self Released – 2008
  • Paradise Lost – The Anatomy of Melancholy – Live DVD and double CD boxset – Century Media -  2008 – Additional Engineeering and Recording
  • Godsized – Brothers in Arms – Self Released – 2008
  • Run the Division – Demo – 2009
  • Godsized – The Phony Tough and the Crazy Brave – Self Released – 2010
  • NG26 – Open Your Mind – Holier Than Thou Records – 2010 - Co-Mixed with Steve Fenton
  • Resurrection Band – Labyrinth Demo – 2010 - Mixed
  • Creation’s Tears – Methods to End it All – Cure For Poison – 2010 - Drum Engineering and Recording
  • A Deeper Dreed – Masquerade – ADD Records - 2010 – Mix
  • Godsized – Berzerkus – Jaegermeister Records - 2011
  • The Caulbearers – Demo – 2011
  • Nothing Gained – Cryogenic – Plastic Head Distribution - 2011

A selection of tracks from this discography can be listened to at: www.mynetaur.com

Research and Scholarship

Having spent many years as a professional musician then record producer, Mark is keen to develop research ideas with a focus on commercial applications within the recording, engineering, production and post-production of the indie, rock and contemporary metal genres.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Book Section

Mynett, M (2016) ‘The distortion paradox: analysing contemporary metal production’. In: Global Metal Music and Culture: Current Directions in Metal Studies. New York, USA and Abingdon, UK: Routlege. . ISBN 978-1138822382

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Conference Item

Mynett, M., Wakefield, J. and Till, R. (2011) ‘Sound at Source: The creative practice of re-heading, dampening and drum tuning for the Contemporary Metal genre’. In: The Art of Record Production 2010, 3rd - 5th December 2010, Leeds , pp. 1-14

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Mynett, M (2013) Contemporary Metal Music Production Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Research Degree Supervision

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