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After working in the electrical and the iron & steel industry for twenty five years I entered the University of Huddersfield as a computing student. After a successful degree in software development and a successful PhD in design patterns I have been able to put my knowledge and experience to work as a Lecturer in the Informatics department. After taking up the position as course leader for our “Year Zero” Computing Foundation course and module leader for MSc projects I have progressed into my current role as course leader for all MSc provision in the department. In my spare time I enjoy walking with my family as well as cycling and running – particularly Fell Running. As an ultimate personal challenge I would love to do the Marathon Des Sables – if only I had time.

Research and Scholarship

  • Web Analytics - external collaboration (2009/10)

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Wilson, D (2008) A Framework for the Definiton of a Generative Design Pattern Post-doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield.

Research Degree Supervision

General project areas

  • Design Patterns
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Web Technologies (SOA)

Current opportunities

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Teaching and Professional Activities

Teaching/Research Interests:

  • Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Services
  • Robotics
  • Natural Language Processing