Portrait of Dr Yvonne Novakovic Dr Yvonne Novakovic

y.novakovic@hud.ac.uk | 01484 472665


Position: Research Fellow, Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics
Qualifications: BA, MA, MA (Ed Res), PGCE, PhD


Yvonne’s began her career teaching German and French in the secondary and tertiary sectors before obtaining funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to study for an MA in Women’s Studies at the University of Bradford. This had a profound influence on her thinking and her self-designation as someone who does feminist research. After several years working in the financial services industry she set up her own personal and professional development business and was also director of a company specialising in coaching for managers. Receipt of funding, first from the University of Sheffield for an MA in Educational Research and later an ESRC studentship, enabled a return to education and doctoral research. She was awarded her PhD in 2011 and she took up a research post at Huddersfield Business School in the same year.

Research and Scholarship

Yvonne’s overarching passion is for the theories, politics and practices of research and their implication in setting the parameters of knowledge. She is also fundamentally curious about people and their everyday interactions with and negotiations of social systems. This drives the substantive foci of her research, her methodological allegiances and her use of particular conceptual and evaluative frameworks. She specialises in qualitative research, particularly narrative methodologies, and specifically life history genres, because of their potential to offer fresh vantage points in understanding the dynamic between the personal, historical and the social. Yvonne won funding from the Business School in 2013 to investigate narratives of the lived experience of financial ethics and to evaluate methodologies for researching sensitive topics in this field. Her work in the area continues and she is supervising funded doctoral work on the implementation of financial regulation which builds on her early findings. She is concerned about what happens to identity and subjectivity when financial metrics dominate the attribution and assessment of value and is developing these ideas in the context of the financialisation of Higher Education, through the prism of individual biographies. Related interests centre on corporate social responsibility and the social construction of the accounting profession. Returning to her deeply buried roots, Yvonne is also developing her ideas on the application of literary theories in reading company annual reports.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Yvonne is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Qualitative Research Journal and a reviewer for a number of other business and education journals. She has twice been an invited panelist at the biennial Research Festival of the ESRC’s National Centre for Research Methods. In 2013 a paper co-authored with Professor Stephen Swailes that explored talent management in a Capabilities framework was shortlisted for the Alan Moon Memorial Prize at the 14th International HRD Conference at the University of Brighton. In 2016 she successfully bid for a funded PhD student to carry out research on her project on the implementation of financial regulation. She is an external examiner for professional doctorates in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield and in the Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University and an internal doctoral examiner at Huddersfield.

Research Degree Supervision

Yvonne has supervision experience and expertise in a number of areas. She is currently supervising a funded PhD on the implementation of financial regulation in addition to three students undertaking qualitative research towards the award of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). She is part of the supervisory team for a student researching into narrative structure in brand storytelling and has also contributed to the successful completions of PhDs on the role of non-executive directors on company boards in Nigeria and Islamic banking in Saudi Arabia.

Administrative Responsibilities

Yvonne manages a dedicated staff writing room in the Business School.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Yvonne is joint module leader for BDX001 Research Methods: The Subject Influence. As a trained writing retreat facilitator she also runs one-day and residential writing retreats.