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Nicola is an artist and Senior Lecturer in woven textiles and Course Leader for Textile Crafts BA(Hons). She is currently completing an MA in Contemporary Fine Art. In 2005 she collaborated with the artist Barbara Howey and as a result exhibited her work at the Huddersfield Art Gallery and at The Outpost Gallery, Norwich.

In 2005 Nicola established SAMPLE, which currently includes both a publishing and enterprise unit for education, and an annual publication of a catalogue that presents the work of the Textile Craft final year students.

Nicola has recently presented a number of collaborative conference papers: Crafting Sustainability, 2009, Making Futures, Plymouth and Sample Enterprise, 2009, Futurescan, Liverpool. These papers reflect her pedagogic practice including SAMPLE and the Crafting the Community II projects in association with project director Penny Macbeth. These projects include: Interdependence: The Tree Project, The International Fibre Collaborative, Jennifer Marsh, USA in association with: Mencap and Calderdale Childcarers; The British Tapestry Group: Tapestry 08 at Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax and Bankfield Museum, Halifax; Castle Hill School, Huddersfield 1:1 student led workshops for children with special needs.

Research and Scholarship

Research statement

The concepts found within my practice are hybrid; responsive to environment/artefact, recording of fact, falsehood, the archive. Relating to Arthur Danto’s concept that we have reached the end of art; practice has become plural. Artists and makers are no longer segregated and move freely between contexts, processes and methodologies.

I work within the field of crafts as an educationalist and strongly believe in the art of craftsmanship but also hold value in the contemporary arts. As a practitioner a critical foundation questions and places my practice in the borderlands of Craft and Fine Art.

Reoccurring notions within my work are serial, line, appearance, investigation. I draw to record moments in time: capture a future memory. Weaving (both Loom and Tapestry) provides an opportunity to work in a structured environment; I question material responses, image translation and code.

Within my role as a lecturer I have conceived and edited 3 exhibition catalogues, collaborating with over 100 crafts practitioners, specialist printers, photographers, CAD practitioners, sponsors for example what has been produced in limited numbers of 1000 printed copies. SAMPLE 9, SAMPLE 8, SAMPLE 7 and Textile Crafts 2006.

Woven Textiles is currently my focus in teaching for which it is purposefully broad in order to allow students the freedom to explore this ancient art within textiles. Tapestry, computer driven looms and basketry are amongst the many process’s used within my class while students explore ideas in cutting edge design through to textile art.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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