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Catherine Haworth joined the Huddersfield staff in 2011 as a Research Fellow, and is currently Senior Lecturer in Music. She gained a first class BA (Hons) Music and an MA in Film Music Studies from the University of Leeds, before being awarded a PhD in film musicology in 2011. Her doctoral thesis, ‘Dames, darlings, and detectives: women, agency, and the soundtrack in RKO Radio Pictures crime films’, explored sonic constructions of femininity in classical Hollywood crime pictures and films noirs.

Catherine’s interdisciplinary research focuses around two main themes: music and sound in audiovisual media, and issues of representation and identity in music and musical culture. She is a member of Huddersfield’s Centre for the Study of Music, Gender and Identity (MuGI), the Sound Music Image Collaboration research centre, and the Popular Music Studies Research Group. Catherine sings with the Clothworkers Consort of Leeds and Leeds Baroque Choir, and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research and Scholarship

Catherine's research and teaching reflect the interdisciplinary nature of her interests, which focus around musical issues of representation and identity across various media. Her primary research area is film and television music, with specialisms in classical Hollywood cinema of the 1930s and 40s, crime films, the James Bond series, the economics and aesthetics of popular scoring, and the role of musical performance within film. Catherine is also interested in contemporary critical approaches to aesthetics and musicology across a range of styles and eras, with a particular focus on popular music cultures, including Motown, Northern soul, and disco.    

Catherine has published on topics including scoring the female detective in 1940s Hollywood; music, gender, and medical discourse in the female gothic film; women and music in James Bond films; and issues of representation and identity across the classical and contemporary soundtrack. She guest edited a special edition of Music, Sound and the Moving Image on the theme of gender and sexuality, and co-edited the Ashgate collection Gender, Age and Musical Creativity with Dr Lisa Colton. Catherine is also in the initial stages of research into musical constructions of girlhood and national identity in British girls' school stories, ‘Latin’ music in classical Hollywood, and various projects on stardom, music, and voice in film and television.


Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Catherine has presented research papers at various conferences and research fora, and her work has been featured in interviews and broadcasts on KZSU Stanford, Bradford Community Radio, and BBC Radio Leeds. She guest edited the 2012 gender and sexuality special issue of Music, Sound and the Moving Image, and acts as peer reviewer for a variety of academic journals and publishers. Catherine co-chaired the 2012 MuGI conference 'Gender, Musical Creativity and Age' and the 2006 Royal Musical Association Research Students' Conference, is a member of the British Audiovisual Research Network, and is active in organising and chairing sessions at various symposia, study days, and conferences.

Research Degree Supervision

Catherine supervises undergraduate, PhD, and MA by Research postgraduates working on a variety of musicology-based and interdisciplinary projects. Past and current topics include: Cuban popular music cultures; Pussy Riot and contemporary Left politics; queer identities in the contemporary stage musical; music and emotion in videogames; masculinity and the New Romantics; androgyny and the castrato in Baroque opera; gender discourse in the film musical; popular music and Dada; and the semiotic analysis of television advertising.

Catherine welcomes proposals from prospective research students on any aspect of musicology, but particularly projects related to film, television, and videogame soundtracks; music, representation, and identity; cultural and critical musicology; popular music cultures; or music and literature.

Administrative Responsibilities

Postgraduate Coordinator – admissions, recruitment, and course leader for MA by Research and PhD students in Music and Music Technology.

Head of Musicology – pedagogical development, administration, and student and staff liasion across musicology modules in Music and Music Technology.

Teaching and Professional Activities

Catherine teaches across a range of musicology modules on both popular and classical topics, and supervises dissertations and projects on film music, music and identity, and cultural and critical approaches to musicology. She is module leader for Introduction to Music Research, Popular Music Studies, and Scoring the Silver Screen, and convenes the Performance and Musicology Forum.