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I am computer scientist who has worked as a researcher over the last ten years on several collaborative projects covering diverse areas such as computing infrastructure, interaction design, decision management, system dependability, ubiquitous computing, and physicality and digitality.

I started my research career at Lancaster University and have worked on a variety of UK/EU funded research projects. I was awarded my PhD in 2003 for my work on developing architectural frameworks for enhancing temporal interface behaviour for distributed collaborative users. My thesis was supervised by Prof. Alan Dix and examined by Prof. Steve Benford.

My research output include devising methods for work analysis in supporting human computer interaction, formulating modelling techniques, employing ethnography and other qualitative techniques to inform novel designs for socio-technical systems, analysing interaction properties of smart interfaces in ubiquitous computing, and assessing the importance of physicality in the design of computer embedded products.
I have been actively involved in starting up a multi-disciplinary community in physicality through a series of international workshops, co-editing a special journal issue and a forthcoming book TouchIT.

I have over 25 refereed publications for major international conferences, journals and book chapters. I am an active member of the research community, co-chairing conference events, organising workshops, editing periodicals and reviewing peers work.

Research and Scholarship

I have worked on a number of collaborative research projects:

DEPtH: Designing for Physicality – jointly funded AHRC/EPSRC project as part of the Designing for the 21st century Initiative (Project ID AH/E507646). The main aim of DEPtH was to explore the impact of physicality on product design and how our understanding of the physical can inform the design of innovative hybrid physical/digital products.

DELOS: Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries – sponsored by the European Commission government, a multi-site project with various EU universities.

EQUATOR Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) 

Smarts Surroundings – sponsored by the Dutch government (Project ID BSIK03060). This project had a wide range of academic and industry partners involved in developing and demonstrating core architectures and frameworks for future ambient systems.

DIRC: Dependability Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration – EPSRC funded project Grant (GR/N13999/01). This project addressed various facets of dependability of computer-based systems, including reliability, security and availability.

TRACKER: Reducing rework through decision management – EPSRC funded project (GR/R12183/01), which focussed on supporting decision-making in meetings by enabling decisions to be readily available for future use, thus reducing rework.

Interfaces and Infrastructure for Mobile Multimedia Applications – EPSRC funded project EPSRC (GR/L64140 & GR/L64157) to investigate user interface requirements of mobile applications, especially those supporting collaborative and media intensive interaction.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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Gill, S., Walker, D., Loudon, G., Dix, A., Woolley, A., Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Hare, J. (2008) ‘Rapid Development of Tangible Interactive Appliances: Achieving the Fidelity / Time BalanceInternational Journal of Art and Technology , 1 (3-4), pp. 309-331. ISSN 1754-8853


Ramduny-Ellis, D., Dix, A. and Gill, S. (2012) Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Physicality . Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield. ISBN 9781-86218-110-6

Book Section

Ramduny-Ellis, D., Dix, A. and Gill, S. (2012) ‘Preface: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Physicality’. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Physicality. Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield. p. iv. ISBN 9781-86218-110-6

Dix, A., Gill, S., Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Hare, J. (2010) ‘Design and Physicality – Towards an Understanding of Physicality in Design and Use’. In: Designing for the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Methods and Findings. London: Gower. pp. 172-189. ISBN 9781409402404

Hare, J., Gill, S., Loudon, G., Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Dix, A. (2009) ‘Physical Fidelity: Exploring the Importance of Physicality on Physical-Digital Conceptual Prototyping’. In: Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2009. : Springer. pp. 217-230. ISBN 978-3-642-03655-2

Conference Item

Bonner, J., Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Peebles, D. (2012) ‘Making audience experiences more meaningful and emotionally engaging through mixed visual and audio media.’. In: EVA London 2012, 10th - 12th July 2012, London, UK

Bonner, J., Ramduny-Ellis, D. and Peebles, D. (2012) ‘Making audience experiences more meaningful and emotionally engaging through mixed visual and audio media’. In: EVA London 2012 Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, 10-12 July 2012, BCS London 5 Southhampton St London , pp. 119-126


Peebles, D. and Ramduny-Ellis, D. (2014) Computational modelling of human performance with unmanned autonomous systems using the ACT-R cognitive architecture. Unpublished (Unpublished)

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