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Before obtaining my PhD in Evolutionary Biology I got a MSc in Biology at the University of Padova (Italy). In order to improve my knowledge in Ecology, Entomology and Evolution during my MSc I spent one year at the University of Paris XI as an Erasmus student.

Since 1994, working at the lab of Prof. M. Turchetto, I have had the opportunity to initiate my own forensic studies, participating in biological evidence collection at the crime scene and/or during autopsies and from 1998 I have started to provide entomological expertise for different Institutes of Legal Medicine in Northern, Central and Southern Italy.

During my PhD I spent several months at the Biological Station of Roscoff (France) to improve my knowledge of Molecular Biology and Molecular Phylogeny and at the University of Georgia (USA) to improve my competence in Molecular Biology and Biophysics.

After getting my doctorate I worked as a researcher in Entomology for the National Center for Biodiversity (CNBF-CFS). I had a first contract as an Assistant Researcher in Physiology and a second as Assistant Researcher in Genetics at the University of Padova, Department of Biology. I worked on an EC funded project (EUCLOCK) developing genetic and statistical methods and experiments in general and behavioral genetics.

I have considerable teaching experience as a Teaching Assistant, Lecturer and Contract Professor on several types of courses, including Systematics, General Biology, Ecotoxicology, Neurobiology, Entomology (Biodeterioration), Forensic Entomology, Techniques and Tools for collecting and preserving insects and Zoology. I have been invited to give specific lectures on Forensic Entomology to the Yorkshire and to the Italian Scientific Police, to the “Carabinieri” and to the doctors specializing in legal medicine.

In March 2011 I became a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Biology and in 2013 Reader in the School of Applied Sciences, where I lecture in Forensic Biology, Forensic Entomology, Epidemiology, Data Handling, Crime Scene Investigation, Evidence Presentation. I also provide workshops on Forensic Entomology and Forensic Ecology.

I am the forensic entomologist of the project for the correct recovery of the skeletons of World War I soldiers found in the Italian Alps and I am working in a project for old human DNA extraction from not conventional substrata, a project for the detection of post-mortal injuries caused by arthropods and other animals and in several projects relatd with funerary arcaheoentomology. I am part of the Archaeogentics group.

Research and Scholarship

PMI estimation of burned remains

Burning prevents the use of the classical thanato-chronological techniques for PMI (Post Mortem Interval) evaluation. Preliminary experiments demonstrate that the entomological approach can be used in case of burned remains. This research deals with the study of burned remains in different conditions and their location (buried after burning, concealed, exposed, etc).

Characterisation of human DNA from old cases

Insect remains can be found in old crime scene in absence of the cadaver. Several examples have been reported from different countries (UK, Italy, France). Insects associated with body decomposition may have human DNA traces on their cuticles. Preliminary investigations on 15 years old puparia collected from a crime scene gave positive results in human DNA extraction. The research deals with the development of a standard technique for human DNA extraction and typing in these cases.

Publications and Other Research Outputs


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