The Department of Chemical Sciences has hosted vibrant research in chemistry since the nineteenth century and today boasts a diverse, high quality research environment with cutting edge facilities.

Research in Chemical Sciences

Areas of strength include synthetic organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry, carbohydrates, proteins and enzyme chemistry, organometallic and supramolecular chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis and adsorption, thermal methods of analysis and synthesis, and materials chemistry. Many other areas arise from collaboration with biologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, physicists and forensic scientists.

We welcome applications from all qualified candidates for research studentships at Huddersfield. Interested persons should contact either the appropriate member of academic staff.


Chemistry staff

Meet the award-winning Chemistry department staff members.


Facilities and equipment

We are committed to continually updating our instrumentation and facilities to support our researchers.


Research outputs

The University of Huddersfield Repository provides a digital collection of the research output of its researchers.

Research Institutes and Centres


Biorefinery Engineering and Bioprocessing

The Biorefinery Engineering and Bioprocessing Research Centre has two main themes: bioprocess technologies (e.g. fermentation, extraction), and biorefinery integration.


Biomarker Research

One of the major challenges facing society today is that as we age the incidence of disease increases. These diseases include neurodegenerative & neurological disorders, psychiatric disorders, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic pain.