Linguistics is by its nature a highly practical discipline. Many of our large research projects have clear impact potential and we are developing their applications in partnership with professionals from non-academic fields. Below are some examples of our work in this area.

Babel‌‎: The Language Magazine

‌Babel is a popular magazine edited in the department and aimed at non-specialist readers with an interest in linguistics and language-related issues. David Crystal acts as Linguistic Consultant for the magazine and the international Advisory Panel includes many major figures in linguistics, among them David Britain, Peter Stockwell, Peter Trudgill, Katie Wales and Laura Wright. The magazine is available in print and digital format and subscription is available through the Babel website. If you are interested in writing or reviewing for Babel, contact Matthew Evans.

Hansard at Huddersfield

The aim of the project is to create an interface for Hansard (the UK’s parliamentary record) that makes (re)searching it easier and visualises research results. The website is:, which will be replaced by the actual interface once it is finished in March 2019.

Forensic Speech Science

Members of the Speech Science Research Group are currently working on an ESRC-funded project to construct a database of population data for West Yorkshire, aimed at improving forensic speaker comparison.

Contact Erica Gold for more details or to discuss potential consultancy services.

Integrating Linguistics into A-level English Language

We are working with local teachers on integrating current developments in linguistics into the teaching of A-level English Language. We hold an annual day conference for A-level English teachers and have pioneered the development of Bridge Fellowships. These are offered to suitably qualified A-level teachers to enable them to work with us on establishing stronger links between Further and Higher Education, specifically concerning the teaching of linguistics, English language and modern languages. In return, Bridge Fellows have the opportunity to complete an MA by Research for no fee.

Interested teachers should contact Louise Nuttall for more details. 

Language in Conflict

Members of the Stylistics Research Centre and Centre for Intercultural Politeness are collaborating with professionals in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution to enhance the linguistic skills and understanding of mediators and international negotiators by producing instructional materials and running training courses.

For further information on these activities, contact Lesley Jeffries.


Lingo: The Language Magazine for Young Readers

Lingo is the younger sibling of Babel and has been developed with the aim of popularising linguistics in primary and secondary schools. Edited in the department, the magazine is available in print and digital format. You can read a sample issue or subscribe on the Lingo website. If you are interested in writing for Lingo, contact Hazel Price.


Language Unlocked

Language Unlocked is a consultancy service focused on language use. We have a strong track record in corpus-based and corpus-driven stylistics and are currently developing methodologies and interpretative procedures for serving the interests and needs of external users. We undertake consultancies for public and private companies and voluntary third sector and non-governmental organisations whose concerns require a subtle understanding of large bodies of text. Past clients include Unions 21, IntensiChem and the UK Green Party

Contact Hazel Price for more information on the services we offer.