ASRI - Creativity

Human Creativity is fundamental to vibrant culture. The Creative industries in the U.K and throughout the world contribute to well-being, economic health, the expansion of human knowledge, and our understanding of what it means to be a human being.  The University of Huddersfield produces internationally leading research in a number of areas related to Creativity. This research engages and develops a diverse portfolio of research methodologies that crosses a number of disciplines. Creativity research is fundamentally interdisciplinary, and this is reflected in the areas represented in this ASRI. 

These Research areas include:

  • Cultural Ecologies and Transdisciplinary Practice in Art and Culture
  • Performance Practices in Musicology and Performance Studies
  • Musicology and Composition of Contemporary Music
  • Audio and Psychoacoustic Engineering
  • Acoustics and Audio Technology
  • Digital Cultures and Screen Media
  • Participatory Culture and Social Media
  • Media Identity Studies
  • Creative Writing: Poetry, Prose and Script
  • Literary Studies and Cultural Narratives
  • History and Culture, including oral history and the construction of historical narratives.
  • Stylistics—Linguistics-based understanding of creative communication.

Researchers involved in these areas are embedded in established research partnerships throughout the world, and continue to contribute in important ways to the creative industries, cultural dialogues and our understanding of the creative impulse.

Public Engagement is a particularly strong feature of much of the work undertaken in this area, developing methodologies and approaches that draw upon the public’s high interest and participation in creative practice, and explore the uses of creativity to enhance human experiences, build community, and express individual and group understandings of the human condition. 

Research centres associated with the area of research development include:

Stylistics Research Centre

Centre for Participatory Culture

CeReNeM: Institute for Research in New Music

CMCI: Centre for Music, Culture and Identity

ReCePP: Research Centre for Performance Practices

CICP: Center for International Contemporary Poetry (including The Ted Hughes Network)

CHICAM Centre for History, Culture and Memory

CEADA: Centre for Cultural Ecologies in Art, Design and Architecture

CUDAS: Centre for Urban Design, Architecture and Sustainability

IDL Innovative Design Lab

Technical Textiles Research Centre