Sustainable Environment

There can be few areas of research of more significance than that of Sustainable Environment at the present stage of human history. It is very apt and timely therefore that the University has brought together a number of existing vibrant strands of research activity under that banner.

Research in this area spans from micro to macro and with impacts at international and global levels. Sustainable environment also cuts across all discipline areas uniting staff and their activities from across all Academic Schools at Huddersfield.

Research fields addressed:

Built Environment

  • Construction Processes and Housing

  • Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development

  • Digital Technologies in the Built Environment

Sustainable Communities

  • Sustainable Societies

  • Disaster Resilience

  • Responsible Leadership

  • Climate Change

  • Social and Environmental Geography

  • Circular Economy

  • Evolutionary Genomics

The researchers involved also have many well-established links to national and local governments, private companies and consultancies, and many other organisations in the UK. Perhaps more importantly given the global nature of the topic, there are many high-level links to international collaborators (TOP 300 Universities, academics, United Nations organisations, policymakers, public bodies, research organisations, and commercial companies).

The 'local to international' spread evident above, characterises the value of the group, and the potential for impacts to address and solve research questions that can enhance sustainable environments at any scale.

Research centres associated with the area of research development include:

Global Disaster Resilience Centre (GDRC) 

Centre for Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance and Ethics (SURGE) 

Innovative Design Lab (IDL) 

Centre for Urban Design, Architecture and Sustainability Research (CUDAS) 

Centre for Cultural Ecologies in Art, Design and Architecture (CEADA) 

Centre for Human and Physical Geography 

Behavioural Research Centre (BRC) 

Biorefinery Engineering and Bioprocessing Research Centre 

Centre for Mathematics and Data Science (CMDS) 

Centre for Biomarker Research (CeBioR)