The University of Huddersfield was notified of achieving Bronze Athena SWAN status on 1st October 2015.

The University’s Athena SWAN Programme currently consists of two central areas - implementation of a Bronze Action Plan and Athena SWAN Panel.

Implementation of the Bronze Action Plan

The action plan contained within our Bronze Award submission outlines how we are addressing the identified barriers to mainstreaming the principles of the Athena SWAN Charter:

The University Athena SWAN Panel coordinates and monitors the implementation of the action plan in line with agreed milestones.

The Athena SWAN Panel (self-assessment group)

The Athena SWAN Panel began its self-assessment actvities in 2012, culminating in the application for an Institutional Bronze Award in April 2015. The Panel provides leadership and support to the University’s work programme around Athena SWAN. The senior self-assessment group leaders are:

Athena Swan panel members


Support staff

Computing and Engineering (self-assessment panel)

Leigh Fleming

Carolyn Bishop

Computing and Engineering (working parties)

John Allport

Gill Firth

Education and Professional Development (university SAP)

Janet Fink

Tracy Wood

Business School (self-assessment panel)

Jo Fawkes

Emi Chiu

Business School (working parties)


Sarah Deacon

Art, Design and Architecture (self-assessment panel)

Angela Lee

Sheila Furmedge

Art, Design and Architecture (working parties)

Yun Gao

Stephen Calcutt

Computing and Library Services


Antony Osborne

Marketing and Communications


Sarah Buchanan

The terms of reference of the University Athena SWAN Panel are:

  1. To undertake the Athena SWAN self-assessment process in a rigorous and thorough manner
  2. To review equality related data and to influence and encourage varied methods of collection
  3. To consult with staff both qualitatively and quantitatively
  4. To identify issues in relation to gender equality and develop action plans, and to guide Schools to create their own
  5. To monitor and review progress with action plans ensuring continuous improvement with advancing women’s careers in STEMM and non-STEMM subject areas and equality and diversity within the university as a whole
  6. To meet at least 3 times per year
  7. To provide input to and prepare annual statements of progress to University Senate
  8. To engage in a two way dialogue with URC & UTLC
  9. To engage in a two way dialogue with School Boards
  10. To support the preparation of submissions for Athena SWAN awards and renewals

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