The University of Huddersfield Athena SWAN panel supports Athena SWAN activity in the academic Schools. Our Schools have their own Athena SWAN Working Groups (Self-Assessment Teams) to lead and submit 'departmental' applications for Athena Swan awards. 

Self-assessment teams

The ECU Guidance on self-assessment teams for departmental submissions is replicated as follows:

Having an effective self-assessment team will be key to the success of an application to ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter. The submission will require significant reflective analysis, which should be driven as far as possible by the full team (rather than it being reliant on a few or single individuals).

A self-assessment team can be a committee in its own right or it can operate under the umbrella of another group. This umbrella group must also follow the Athena SWAN self-assessment process.

For departmental applications the self-assessment team should be representative of the staff in the department, and should usually include student representation. The team should comprise a mixture of grades and roles representing different stages of the career ladder (particularly at the early and mid-career stages).

The self-assessment team meet at least three times a year.

It is unlikely that any one individual will be responsible for completing or working on the whole application. Your final submission should be the result of intensive group work and collaboration across the self-assessment team and the department.

The self-assessment team needs to decide the clearest way of presenting data in the narrative to allow the awards panel the maximum insight into the issues affecting the department or institution.

The Athena SWAN Panel has provided a set of generic terms of reference for a School Working Groups at the University of Huddersfield to use. These are:

  1. To undertake School-based subject specific Athena SWAN self-assessment processes in a rigorous and thorough manner
  2. To review subject specific equality related staff and student data and to influence and encourage varied methods of collection
  3. To consult with staff and students both qualitatively and quantitatively
  4. To identify issues in relation to gender equality and develop School-based action plans
  5. To monitor and review progress with School-based action plans ensuring continuous improvement with advancing women’s careers in the relevant subject areas
  6. To provide input to and prepare School-based statements of progress to the Athena SWAN panel
  7. To engage in a two way dialogue with the Athena SWAN panel
  8. To prepare submissions for Athena SWAN awards and renewals, at Departmental level.

The Athena SWAN Panel encourages and supports cross-membership of School self-assessment teams.


School of Applied Sciences

The School of Applied Sciences was granted a departmental Athena SWAN Silver award in October 2018.

Applied Sciences Athena SWANN Submission 2018 SIlver - redacted

School of Art, Design & Architecture

The School of Art and Design is preparing a submission for an Athena SWAN award in academic year 2019-20.

Find out more at the School of Art and Design Athena SWAN website.

School of Computing and Engineering

The School of Computing and Engineering is preparing a submission for an Athena SWAN Bronze Award - date TBC.


School of Education & Professional Development

The School of Education & Professional Development submitted an application for an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in April 2019 and are awaiting the results.


Huddersfield Business School

Huddersfield Business School is preparing a submission for an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in academic year 2019-20.


ECU Athena SWAN Resources

The ECU website contains comprehensive guidance, application forms and good practice examples to support submission for the Athena SWAN awards.