The University of Huddersfield has been awarded funding from the AHRC, ESRC and EPSRC to deliver the institutions first Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAA). The aim of the IAA is to transform University of Huddersfield’s research into real-world opportunities by:

  • Driving a culture of Knowledge Exchange and Impact across the University community
  • Fostering the development of new and existing relationships with non-HEI external partners
  • Directly supporting activities and projects to advance and accelerate the development and delivery of impact
  • Supporting early-stage commercialisation of new technologies and advancing changes to public policy and services

Multidiscipline and cross-school projects are highly encouraged, and IAA applicants can apply for funding from both the AHRC IAA, ESRC IAA and EPSRC IAA where projects sit in the remit of both councils.  All IAA funded activities must fit into either the AHRC, ESRC and/or EPSRC themes and priorities.


Please see the following funding opportunities:


Impact Fund

Supports new impact opportunities, for small projects with potential for high impact


Proof of Market

Supports early-stage market validation to assess opportunities, and to ensure there is a clear need for a new technology/process


Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

Supports secondment activities, where either a University of Huddersfield academic/researcher is seconded into an end-user organisation, or a member of a non-academic partner is seconded inwards to work on a University of Huddersfield project


Proof of Concept

Supports early-stage exploitation of University of Huddersfield research to accelerate impact and societal benefit through engagement with external non-HEI partners


Co-Creation Fund

Co-Creation seeks to collaborate with diverse partners and communities to generate economic and social value through new cultural activity; this can take the form of a range of impact activities


Invention Disclosure Form

IAA Costing Request Form

Please complete the IAA Costing Request Form and send to
Refer to IAA Guidance for eligibility


Please contact the IAA team to discuss IAA opportunities

Call dates for KE Fellowship and Proof of Concept applications


Call Call Launch Date Call Closure Date Activities

4 October 2023

12.00noon 1 December 2023

  • KE Fellowships
  • Proof of Concept
4 3 April 2024

12.00noon 3 June 2024

  • KE Fellowships
  • Proof of Concept