Adaptive music technology refers to technology which enables people to perform music-related tasks that would normally be difficult or impossible to achieve (for example, motion tracking technology enables dancers to control sound in real-time). The Adaptive Music Technology Research Group at the University of Huddersfield seeks to bring together universities, companies, schools, charities and individuals to promote wider adoption and development of adaptive music technology.

Its aims are:

  • To investigate different approaches to music composition, performance and sound synthesis, and to evaluate their effectiveness and applied creative potential.
  • To investigate and develop new technologies for adaptive music and sound synthesis.
  • To offer consultancy and training in adaptive music and sound synthesis technologies to private and public organisations.

Dr Ian Gibson introduces the Adaptive Music Technology Research Group.

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Impact and External Links

The Adaptive Music Technology Research Group collaborates with leading organisations both within the UK (such as the IOU Gallery in Halifax) and internationally (such as the University of British Columbia). It provides a unique hub for technologists and creative artists to produce new tools for music and performance and apply them to creative work.

Dr Gibson is an executive committee member and founding member of the Sonic Arts Forum. Now with over 3000 members online, the Sonic Arts Forum seeks to provide opportunities for those involved in the sonic arts to meet, exchange ideas, present new work, develop new tools, discuss aesthetic issues and investigate practice. Through regular national meetings and open calls for presentations of new work, the Sonic Arts Forum aims to educate, strengthen and bind together a diverse community of practitioners, theorists and developers with a common interest:  the expressive potential of sound. Members of the AMTRG organise and regularly participate in events.

Facilities and Equipment

The University Queensgate campus is friendly and welcoming with facilities and departments contained in one town centre campus site close to all the local services, shops, student accommodation and transport.

Along with Student Services, the Careers Service, International Office and Academic Skills Tutors (providing academic support to students), we ensure you have access to superb support academically, socially and personally throughout your time here.

Our extensive suites of recording and production studios for our range of popular courses in Music Technology are based in a complex, designed and built to professional standards at a cost of approximately £2 million. The main recording complex consists of five modern professional specification recording studios (each with separate control room and live space), four production studios, a radio studio, a Foley studio, a live sound room and two 25 seat PC and Mac-based audio workstation rooms.

We have secured funding to build a semi-anechoic chamber and a further £30,000 has been used to purchase equipment specifically for research. This includes a flexibly configurable 24 speaker surround sound system to support out continuing research in the design and evaluation of surround sound decoder design.

We also work in close partnership with the Department of Music sharing access to a range of University facilities including an extensive music library and IT facilities and a Concert Hall with concert organ.



AMTRG Seminar

Adaptive Music Technology Research Group – Seminar
19th September



AMTRG Sonic Arts Forum

Adaptive Music Technology Research Group – Sonic Arts Forum
10th November 2018

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Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with the Adaptive Music Technology Research Group then please contact our Research Administration team:

Group Leader: Dr Ian Gibson

Research Office
Computing and Engineering
University of Huddersfield

Tel: 01484 473087

Email: sce.research.applications@hud.ac.uk