Below is a list of research projects currently ongoing or completed in the CAPE. Click on each project for more details.

Current Projects

360° virtual reality audio

Capturing and rendering audio for 360° virtual reality

Audio for 3D immersive reproduction

Capturing and rendering audio for 3D immersive reproduction


CityTones: a Repository of Crowdsourced Annotated Soundfield Soundscapes

Phantom image elevation effect and VHAP

Phantom image elevation effect & Virtual Hemispherical Amplitude Panning (VHAP)

Objective measurement of perceptual audio

Towards a framework for the objective measurement of perceptual audio attributes

Prediction of auditory image position model

Development of a perceptual model for the trade-off between interaural time and level differences for the prediction of auditory image position

Quantifying Factors of Immersion in VR

Quantifying Factors of Immersion in Virtual Reality

Room acoustics in VR/Augmented reality

Perception of room acoustics in virtual/augmented reality in the context of 6 degrees of freedom

Sound source dependency of elevation localisation

Investigation into the sound source dependency of elevation localisation in multichannel audio systems

Soundscape evaluation in virtual reality

Investigations into the recording and reproduction methods for soundscape evaluation in virtual reality

New user interface design for music production

New user interface design for music production

3D Audio Toolbox (3DAT)

3D Audio Toolbox (3DAT)


Huddersfield Universal Listening Test Interface Generator (HULTI-GEN)


Huddersfield Acoustical Analysis Research Toolbox (HAART)

Completed projects

Perceptual Optimisation of Virtual Acoustics

Perceptual Optimisation of Virtual Acoustics (POVA)

Perceptual Band Allocation (PBA)

Perceptual Band Allocation (PBA) for rendering vertical image spread

Pinna related transfer function attributes

The perceptual contribution of pinna related transfer function attributes in the median plane

Audio Dynamics

Audio Dynamics - Towards a Perceptual Model of Punch

Vertical interchannel decorrelation in 3D sound

Investigations into the perception of vertical interchannel decorrelation in 3D surround sound reproduction

Frequency thresholds and interchannel crosstalk

The analysis of frequency dependent localisation thresholds and the perceptual effects of vertical interchannel crosstalk

Non-Linear Sonic Signatures

An Investigation into Non-Linear Sonic Signatures with a Focus on Dynamic Range Compression and the 1176 Fet Compressor

Effects of a vertical reflection

The effects of a vertical reflection on the relationship between listener preference and timbral and spatial attributes

Contemporary Metal Music Production

Contemporary Metal Music Production

Perception of echo thresholds

The effect of sound source and reflection angle on the perception of echo thresholds

Loudness perception

An investigation into the changes of loudness perception in relation to changes in crest factor for octave bands