Evaluation of Yorkshire Children Centre (YCC) Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (2016-2018)

DVPPs are the focus of an increasing amount of policy and practice attention, as authorities seek to identify additional ways to address domestic abuse (DA). However, relatively little is known about the effectiveness of such programmes. Dr. Bernard Gallagher  (PI), Prof. Brid Featherstone, Ms. Ruth Neville and Dr. Michelle Rogerson have been commissioned, by YCC, to conduct an evaluation into the effectiveness and impact of its recently initiated DVPP. The YCC DVPP consists of group work with DA perpetrators, accompanied by a (voluntary) 'integrated support service' (ISS) for partners/ex partners (which is provided by separate organisations working with survivors of DA). The evaluation will involve one to one interviews with perpetrators and their partners/ex partners, practitioners who have referred men to the DVPP (or have other experience of the DVPP), members of staff from the ISS organisations, interviews with DVPP staff and a search of DVPP records. The work is being carried out from August 2016 - November 2018 and is funded by a grant from YCC for £10,000.