Participation experiences and Empowerment of Roma Youth (PEER) 2015-2016

EU DG Justice (JUST/2013/FRAC/AG/6230) 

The PEER project is concerned with supporting young Roma people (aged 12-18) to participate more fully in decisions that affect their lives as well as in social life. Funded by DG Justice (JUST/2013/FRAC/AG/6230) the project involved 12 organisations across 9 EU countries working with young Roma children in nine countries to actively engage as co-participants in action research processes. The goal is to explore and develop how they might become more empowered to participate in decisions and actions that shape their lives and bring about positive change at local, regional or national levels. Training was provided to Roma youth leaders and young people who were then supported in undertaking their own inquiries and developing actions for change. (Professional practice guide: (