Welcome to the Information and Systems Engineering (ISE) Group.

This collaborative group carries out academic research focusing on:

  • XML, Database and Information Retrieval in wire and wireless environments.
  • System analysis, security, Scientific computation efficiency
  • Software Engineering and software artefacts
  • Wire and wireless network communications, seamless models, context and content awareness
  • Internet computing, service oriented architecture, cloud computing, next generation’s information infrastructures

At ISE we bring together experts in XML technology, data/document engineering, information and computing science and mobile computing, and have strong research interests in state of the art technologies in related topic areas.

Exploring the complexities of computer languages, databases and information retrieval, we are dedicated to the use and development of computer software that makes life easier for those using it.

We conduct research into the use of the technology in the description and storage of information for wireless response systems, such as Student Response System, Mobile Exam Systems, and Mobile Lab Mate, with the latest mobile devices. The prime applications of this EU research are in the area of mobile computing deployed for teaching and learning communities to deliver portable, flexible and dynamic learning experiences using handheld devices.

We are an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary group and work closely with education, healthcare, engineering, social science, business, finance, etc. collaborating with national and international experts in a wide range of applications.

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If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with the Information and Systems Engineering (ISE) Group then please contact our Research Administration team:

Group Leader: Prof Joan Lu

Research Office
Computing and Engineering
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01484 473087