The Centre works in partnerships closely with a range of external organisations and collaborators, both locally and nationwide. These include service users, families, carers, providers, commissioners, clinicians and industry partners. Organisations include: 

  • Bupa Foundation
    The BUPA foundation funded research conducted by Dr Joanna Brooks explores the influence of significant others in persistent back pain and the impact of this on functional outcomes, including work participation.
  • Diabetes UK
    Dr Joanna Brooks is currently conducting research funded by Diabetes UK, exploring the responses and influences of peers on adolescents with diabetes.
  • Higher Education Academy (HEA)
    In 2012, the Centre hosted a HEA funded workshop on teaching qualitative research methods, with a key focus on the sharing and collation of good practice and the identification of areas where guidance can be developed in the future. The HEA have also funded research projects undertaken by the Centre's members. 
  • Local organisations
    The Centre works in partnership with a number of local organisations. Dr Joanna Brooks and Professor Nigel King are currently working with Almondbury High School to pilot new learning materials about diabetes. Dr Viv Burr is currently working with Kirklees Council on a project looking at the impact of elder care responsibilities on employees, whilst Kiara Lewis has worked with Kirklees PCT on an evaluation of their physical activity scheme for overweight and obese children in the local area. Additionally, Professor Nigel King worked alongside two local Health Living Partnerships (HLPs); Paddock Pathways to Health in Huddersfield (PPH) and West Central Halifax Healthy Living Partnership (WCHHLP); to evaluate their service provision.
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
    The Centre has an ongoing relationship with Macmillan Cancer Support, and has carried out five projects funded by them. These have all been led by Professor Nigel King, a long-time member of the Macmillan research collaborative MacPaCC working alongside colleagues including MacPaCC members and associates Dr Joanna Brooks, Dr Val Featherstone, Alison Bravington, Dr Beth Hardy, Jane Melvin, Dr David Wilde and Professor Annie Topping.
  • The University of Groningen, Netherlands
    Dr Serena McCluskey is developing a collaboration with members of the University Medical Centre conducting research into the influences on work disability due to chronic back pain.