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Publications and other research outputs

The Centre for Applied Psychological Research (CAPR) conducts research activity around key areas including health and wellbeing, qualitative and critical approaches and education and popular culture. Topical issues are explored including the management of cancer and long term conditions, collaborative working between different healthcare and social care agencies, breastfeeding, and applying psychological insights into teaching developments in higher education.

An index of the publications and other research outputs of the Centre for Applied Psychological and Health Research is available in the University repository.

Research output examples

Street C. , Vadillo M. (2017) ‘Commentary: Can ordinary people detect deception after all?Frontiers in Cognitive Science.

Taylor G. , Ali N. (2017) ‘Learning and Living Overseas: Exploring Factors that Influence Meaningful Learning and Assimilation:How International Students Adjust to Studying in the UK from a Socio-Cultural PerspectiveEducation Sciences, 7 (1), pp. 35-35. ISSN 2227-7102

Bridger A. , Emmanouil S. , Lawthom R. (2017) ‘ a psychogeographical community project with members of an arts and health organisationQualitative Research in Psychology, 14 (1), pp. 42-61. ISSN 1478-0887

Turner L. , Tobbell J. (2017) ‘Researching educational transition using ethnographySAGE Research Methods Cases. ISSN 9781473986749

Newton C. , Gavin H. (2016) ‘Studying The Long-term Psychological Effects of Emotional Abuse Experienced in Childhood.In: IACSS 2016 International Academic Conference on Social Sciences : The International Institute for Academic Development. , pp. 41-49. ISBN 9789941090646

Turley E. , Monro S. , King N. (2016) ‘Doing it differently: Engaging interview participants with imaginative variationIndo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, 16 (1-2), pp. 153-162. ISSN 1445-7377

Peebles D. (2016) ‘Two methods for search and optimising cognitive model parametersIn: Proceedings of ICCM 2016 : 14th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling : ICCM. , pp. 234-235. ISBN 9780998508207

Street C. , Kingstone A. (2016) ‘Aligning Spinoza with Descartes: An informed Cartesian account of the truth biasBritish Journal of Psychology. ISSN 0007-1269

Street C. , Vadillo M. (2016) ‘Can the unconscious boost lie detection accuracy?Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25 (4), pp. 246-250. ISSN 0963-7214

Kirshbaum M. , Stead M. , Bartys S. (2016) ‘An exploratory study of Reiki experiences in women who have cancerInternational Journal of Palliative Nursing, 22 (4), pp. 166-172. ISSN 1357-6321