Research projects

Reimagining professionalism in mental health: towards co-production
This series of seven seminars has been developed jointly by a research team which includes service users, carers, and people working in charitable/voluntary organisations, and in public and governmental organisations.

The research, funded by Diabetes UK, was led by Dr Jo Brooks in which she interviewed young people with diabetes and their close friends about their experiences of managing diabetes, as well as about their experiences of peer responses to the condition. 

Costs and Benefits of Providing Session by Session Feedback to Therapists of Measures of Patient Symptoms and Process
This study investigated the feasibility and acceptability of running an outcomes monitoring and feedback system in routine NHS psychological therapies service. 

Photo of an old dice Out and About in Kirklees: A psychogeographical study of Kirklees with the LGBT community
Are you a LGBT person living in the Kirklees area, or someone who has previously lived here? Might you like to take part? This project uses a range of playful, activist and creative methods to explore some key locations in West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

This study represented the England component of an international collaboration across four countries (England, Canada, Italy and Thailand) that explored patients’ experiences of fatigue in palliative care settings.

Thumbnail image of undergraduate syudents Using Personal Construct Methods in Reflective Practice
A research project arising out of experiences when trialling Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) methods with life coaches. The methods appeared to stimulate a good deal of reflection upon the coaches’ own thinking and behaviour, and it was believed that they could fruitfully be utilised in educational contexts.

Women are more likely than men to reduce their hours or give up because of caregiving responsibilities. This project aims to make such women’s voices heard and deepen our understanding of the impact of eldercare on women’s access to employment.

This innovative research project aims to work with students to enhance their employability skills by offering training in professional psychological and legal skills.

Supporting People with Active and Advanced Disease:  A Rapid Review of the Evidence
The key aim of this project is to conduct a rapid review of available literature on selected cancers, in order to identify implications for the development of services to support patients.

Are Placement Students Better Psychologically Prepared for Life and Work? An International Comparative Study
The aim of this research project was to determine whether there are significant differences in psychological outcome between students undertaking work placements and students pursuing a more traditional degree programme.

Young People with Diabetes and their Peers: An Exploratory Study of Peer Attitudes, Beliefs, Responses and Influences
Utilising interviews and focus groups, the aim of this project is to obtain qualitative data which explores attitudes and responses towards diabetes from the perspectives of young people with diabetes.

Illness Perceptions in the Context of Differing Work Participation Outcomes: Exploring the Influence of Significant Others in Persistent Back Pain
This project aimed to draw attention to the ways in which ‘significant others’ and wider social circumstances may impact on functional outcomes for those with persistent back pain.

Unpicking the Threads: How Generalist and Specialist Nurses Work with Patients, Carers and Each Other in the Community to Support Cancer Survivors
This project aimed to examine the ways in which specialist and generalist nurses work with each other and other professionals, carers and patients to provide supportive care to cancer patients.

This project evaluated the Midhurst Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Service which was set up to provide palliative care as a community service after the closure of the former hospital-based provision.

Thumbnail image of a reality television programme
Based on the success and popularity of reality TV, a research project was conducted aiming to analyse the success of material of this nature in the teaching of research ethics.

The Influence of ‘Significant Others’ on Back Pain Disability: A Qualitative Pilot Study of Illness Perceptions
In 2010, researchers conducted a study which looked at the influence of 'significant other's on back pain disability, which is a leading cause of disability in the UK.

The Effect of Graphical Format and Instruction on the Interpretation of Three-Variable Bar and Line Graphs
This study investigated how graph format, specifically whether a bar or line graph is used, can affect undergraduate psychology students' ability to interpret three-variable 'interaction' data.

An Evaluation of a Community-Based Programme Aiming to Reduce Inactivity and Improve Health and Morale in Overweight and Obese School-Age Children
Researchers undertook an evaluation of a 48 week physical activity and nutritional education programme for overweight/obese school-age children, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

This study analysed meetings of community groups from a deprived inner city area, comprising of volunteers trying to improve community safety, who are frequently required to deal with issues of crime and anti-social behaviour.