Cutting Edge Facilities

The Centre for Applied Psychological Research houses extensive start-of-the-art facilities to enable world-leading research with impact. Our equipment and resources are available to staff and students of the Department of Psychology. We also welcome collaboration with industry partners.



A 256-channel dense array system for recording brain wave activity


Oculus Rift

A lightweight virtual reality experience. An array of complex interactions with the virtual world are made possible by combining with a gamepad, Leap Motion, steering wheel and foot pedals, and a 5.1 surround sound system.


Cold Pressor

Systematically controlled water bath environment to allow for the study of pain tolerance and perseverance.


SMI RED 250 Eye tracker

Remote desktop eye tracker offers a non-invasive measure of gaze position with high temporal and spatial accuracy.


Biopac System

Physiological measurement system for capturing and analysing pulse, heart rate, galvanic skin response, breathing and more.


LX5000 Polygraph System

Computerised polygraph measures physiological activity, bodily movement, jaw clenching and tongue movement.


Green Screen Technology

A professional green screen to aid post-editing of video and photographic captures.


Additional Research Equipment

Resources are available for multimedia data capture and presentation, analysis, and experimental design.


Software Resources

Software is available for the designing of a variety of experiments and stimuli, analysing multimodal quantitative and qualitative data, capturing emotional displays, and more.

Kinect Body Motion Capture

The Microsoft Kinect non-invasively captures bodily movement with remarkably high accuracy.

Recon Jet Pro Smart Glasses

An augmented reality system to present information to participants in real time and create see-what-I-see video calls.

Leap Motion

Captures hand movements to allow users to interact with virtual environments.