The Psychology Technicians

The Psychology Technicians offer the following services to help bring your research to life:

  • Training: Learn how to use the available hardware and software.
  • Experiment creation: With enough notice and sufficient detail, the technicians can program an experiment that will meet your needs.
  • Image creation: If you need art and illustrations for presentations or experiments, the Technicians can develop something to fit your needs in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
  • 3D animation and real-time 3D environments: Render full-realised digital 3D models of objects and worlds.
  • Photography studio: A Canon SLR setup with studio lights and backdrop help create professional photographs.
  • Video editing and post production: Technicians can help edit videos ready for release through online media, for experiment playback and for writing to CD, DVD, VHS or DV.
Photo of the Psychology Technicians in the Department of Psychology, School of Human and Health Sciences. The Psychology Technicians - Peter Cruickshank, Sarah Pearson and Adam Robson.