The Psychology Technicians

The Psychology Technicians offer the following services to help bring your research to life:

  • Training: Learn how to use the available hardware and software.
  • Experiment creation: With enough notice and sufficient detail, the technicians can program an experiment that will meet your needs.
  • Image creation: If you need art and illustrations for presentations or experiments, the Technicians can develop something to fit your needs in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
  • 3D animation and real-time 3D environments: Render full-realised digital 3D models of objects and worlds.
  • Photography studio: A Canon SLR setup with studio lights and backdrop help create professional photographs.
  • Video editing and post production: Technicians can help edit videos ready for release through online media, for experiment playback and for writing to CD, DVD, VHS or DV.
The Psychology Technicians - Peter Cruickshank, Sarah Pearson and Adam Robson.