Photo of Centre Director, Dr David Peebles.

David Peebles


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Chris Street

Chris Street

Associate Director

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StaffPositionResearch Interest Keywords
Dr Nadia Ali Senior Lecturer Transitions; Development; Education; Ethnography; Participatory methods
Dr Gurjog Bagri Senior Lecturer Imagery; Individuality; Aptitude
Dr Éilish Duke Senior Lecturer Anhedonia: Reward processing; Addiction; Personality; EEG
Dr Simon Goodson Senior Lecturer Video games and aggression; Perception of video games; Parent-child gaming involvement
Dr Glyn Hallam Senior Lecturer Cognitive neuroscience; Neuroimaging; Semantic cognition; Social cognition
Dr Eilidh Noyes Senior Lecturer Face identification, super-recognisers, disguise, face recognition algorithms
Prof David Peebles Professor of Cognitive Science Cognitive modelling; ACT-R theory; Spatial cognition; Mental imagery; Decision making
Dr Chris Retzler Senior Lecturer Cognitive neuroscience; Addiction; Reward; Learning
Dr Jenny Retzler Lecturer Attention; Executive function; Atypical child development; Developmental cognitive neuropsychology; Neurodevelopmental disorders
Dr Chris Street Reader Lie detection; Cognitive processes; Eye tracking
Dr Dara Mojtahedi Senior Lecturer Eyewitness memory; Stalking; Criminal psychology
Dr Anna Murphy Senior Lecturer Antipsychotic drugs; Opioid dependence; Inhibitory control; Reward functioning
Dr Kathy Vogt Lecturer Women’s health; Life-limiting illness; Decision-making; Psycho-oncology; Psychological therapies

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