The Centre’s staff have significant expertise in working with businesses through both knowledge exchange and consultancy activities.  

Although the UK Government has resources and tools to help businesses improve their security, UK statistics indicate that cybercrime continues to increase against the backdrop of a decrease in the availability of skills.

To help organisations improve their cyber security, as well as help those developing IT and security products, we offer:

  • Short courses tailored to your individual needs. We can deliver educational content both in a workshop format as well as by electronic delivery. Due to our vast range of expertise, we can deliver training aimed at all end-user levels (IT users, system administrators, developers, etc.).
  • Consultancy is offered on a variety of different services which will help businesses better understand the status of their IT security and how any weaknesses can be rectified. The Centre’s staff are experts in this area of research and as such are able to offer impartial and rigorous consultancy.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a UK-wide programme that has been helping businesses for over 40 years to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within universities. Part-funded by Innovate UK, KTPs help businesses in the UK to innovate and grow by linking them with a university and a graduate. Dr Simon Parkinson has a strong track record of delivering KTP programmes that have delivered specific and strategic innovation projects to businesses.
  • Student projects involve students from different years working on projects related to your organisation. For example, this could be in developing proof-of-concept systems during hackathons events or as an individual dissertation project during a student’s final year of study. Working with our students is mutually beneficial as it provides a unique opportunity to bring expertise and creativity into your business while enabling the students to gain experience working with industry.
  • Free cyber reviews are undertaken as part of our engagement activities. During a free review, Centre staff will visit your organisation, meet to discuss your organisation’s core business and digital assets, followed by performing a free review into the most significant security threats facing your organisation, as well as providing and assisting with recommendations of how they can be mitigated. Mechanism to undertake further collaboration with the Centre (student placements, research projects, etc) will also be discussed as part of this review. 

To make further enquiries about our services, please email Dr Simon Parkinson.