Research in Collaboration with Nature

The Centre for Biomimetic Societal Futures is a new multi-disciplinary research centre within the University of Huddersfield, and based in Huddersfield Business School. Our aim is to expand biomimetic research beyond its more traditional STEM and design focus to develop cross-disciplinary projects that address the shape of societal futures. We therefore look to support a range of innovative research that explores nature-inspired answers to the social and organisational questions of our time.

Biomimicry is an approach to solving human problems that learns from natural principles that allow all living organisms to survive and thrive. In line with this ethos, our research consciously emulates natural principles, processes, and systems to contribute to societal futures that bolster sustainable ways of living for all life on earth. We aspire to address social challenges, and enhance societal life by collaborating with nature.

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What is Biomimetics?

Addressing human challenges in ethical and sustainable ways by mimicking nature


Centre Research Strands

The Centre is structured around four areas, with an additional two themes that cut across all of the Centre's activities



Our artist-in-residence aims to create spaces for discussion and enquiry around biomimetics