Online Lecture Series 2021/2022

Our exciting lecture series will be held remotely on Wednesdays at 5.00pm BST. Guest speakers include a wide breadth of distinguished scholars from various disciplines. We warmly welcome you to join by following us on Twitter, where we will post updates and links to free Eventbrite tickets in advance of each event. You can also join our mailing list, and get in touch with the Centre’s Director, Prof Christine Hallett, and the Centre’s Manager, Dr Chelsea Sambells. Everyone is welcome!



6 Oct. 2021 – The Annual Huddersfield Whitley Lecture
Dr. Whyeda Gill-McClure, Fighting for Whitleyism and Industrial Democracy: A Century of Public Sector-Industrial Relations; and Hon Holly Lynch MP (Halifax) A Week in the Life of a Halifax MP

20 Oct. 2021 – Prof. Tim Thornton (University of Huddersfield)
Writing Histories of Civil Conflict in Early 16th Century England: Responses to 15th Century Crises in Thomas More’s ‘History of King Richard III’ and Other Sources.

3 Nov. 2021 – Dr Victoria Allen (Kiel University)
Articulations of Industrial Memory in North East Football and Music Culture

17 Nov. 2021 – Dr Dominic William (Northumbria University)*
Gerhard Richter’s Birkenau: Holocaust Photography Displaced and Displayed

8 Dec. 2021 – Prof. Justin Fantauzzo (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
The Great War Against Malaria: British Military Medicine, Disease, and the First World War

2 Feb. 2022 – Dr Dean Irwin (Independent Researcher)*
Medieval Anglo-Jewry and the English Ritual Murder Allegations: An Urban History

23 Feb. 2022 – Dr Lindsey Dodd (University of Huddersfield)*
Back to Izieu: Remembering a Jewish Children’s Home in France during the Second World War

9 Mar 2022 – Dr. Rebecca Bowd (University of Huddersfield Archives)
‘Calculated for Instruction and Entertainment’: Scientific Collecting and the Leeds Libraries in the 18th Century.

16 Mar. 2022 – Dr. Kate Docking (University of Hamburg)*
Probing power dynamics: relations between female medical staff in Ravensbrück concentration camp

6 Apr. 2022 – Prof. Wendy Webster (University of Huddersfield)
Book Launch: Imagining Home: Gender, Race and National Identity, 1945-1964.

25 May. 2022 – Valedictory Lecture: Prof. Keith Laybourn (University of Huddersfield)
The Politics of Working-Class Gambling in Britain between c.1900 and the 1960s

All lectures begin at 5pm and will be held Online. Enquiries to: Chris Hallett ( Follow us on Twitter at @CHICAMatHud
* In Collaboration with the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association