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The Centre for Law, Environment and Rights (CLEAR) engages in research to understand the role of law both locally and around the world. It provides a home for researchers in which they can work to explore essential issues surrounding different areas of law. The membership encompasses all academic staff within the Law School, including Early Career Researchers, and extends to any staff in the University who share an interest in the topics its research covers and identifies with its aims.

CLEAR has an open approach to research that supports work about a broad range of relevant topics, as well as encouraging innovative research methods to enhance the quality of research.

CLEAR engages with the local community directly, through its services for individuals as well as its work with businesses and the voluntary sector. Additionally, its members have national and international networks that include NGOs and organisations in various regions as well as the United Nations. Collaboration with these kinds of external partners and stakeholders helps not only produce world class research but also support high quality impact that enables real change.

CLEAR is organised into two research clusters that tackle some of the most important issues facing the global population today: ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Global Trade & the Environment’.



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Human Rights

Human rights is an area of law that covers several fields in which many CLEAR members have long-longstanding expertise. These fields include children rights, disability rights, family law, migration and asylum, employment law and social security.


Global Trade and the Environment

Global Trade and the Environment straddles different fields which are the specialisation of several members of CLEAR. These fields include contract and commercial litigation, international trade law as well as commerce and employment law.

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If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with CLEAR then please contact our team:

Centre Director: Gauthier De Beco

University of Huddersfield

Tel: 01484 256154

Email: G.J.DeBeco@hud.ac.uk