Historical Performance Research Group

The Historical Performance Research Group (HPRG) acts as a forum for all performers and performer-scholars investigating topics concerning the performance of historical music, based at (or linked to) the music department of the University of Huddersfield. Whilst this might be seen as synonymous with the myriad iterations of the concept of ‘historically-informed’ performance, in truth the purview is intentionally more broad than this, although performers and scholars operating within what might be described as a ‘conservatoire-normative’ (or ‘mainstream’) performance context are actively encouraged by the activities of the group to problematize this as a concept at a time when the multiplicity of musical genres, intentions, and styles puts this idea under increasing critical scrutiny.

HPRG is directed by Dr David Milsom, a performer, scholar, and instrumental teacher with an eclectic (but increasingly thematically linked) career as an academic, performing musician, professional violinist and violist, and an increasingly dedicated and committed instrumental teacher, who is a current member of academic staff at UoH. HPRG links with Pennine Records (UoH) as a platform for innovative historical music recordings, and comprises present and past UoH staff, visiting research fellows, and research postgraduate students, as well as regular visitors internationally.
The group links together a range of projects and areas of interest, to be displayed on these webpages and the various project links. Members of the group meet for regular Monday evening meetings on Zoom for a wide range of talks and online performance demonstrations.



CHASE Project

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