Founded in 2009, Huddersfield Contemporary Records (HCR) is a label devoted to new music. Based at the University of Huddersfield, and established in partnership between CeReNeM (the Centre for Research in New Music), Huddersfield University Press, and hcmf//, HCR features both established and emerging artists at the cutting edge of music making, including diverse innovations in instrumental composition, electronics, and free improvisation. HCR releases have been recorded and produced both in-house at the university and with a broad selection of professional partners, including hcmf//, ZKM, and Radio Bremen, and have attracted exceptional press attention for a label of its size. HCR produces outward-facing compilations, internationally contextualised but centred on new music in the UK. The label develops concept-driven releases, typically featuring a single performing artist and multiple composers, often drawing on the resources of CeReNeM’s industry partnerships and its international research network.  

Since 2015, HCR has been exclusively distributed by NMC Recordings.

Speak, Be Silent

Riot Ensemble, Sarah Saviet (violin)

Chaya Czernowin | Anna Thorvaldsdottir | Mirela Ivicevic | Liza Lim | Rebecca Saunders

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Quatuor Bozzini, Philip Thomas (piano), Sarah-Jane Summers (fiddle)

Bryn Harrison | Mary Bellamy | Monty Adkins

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Beyond Pythagoras

Monty Adkins, Paulina Sundin, Jonny Axelsson, Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

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Phantom Images

Katherine Young, Chris Mercer, Charmaine Lee & Sam Pluta, Aaron Cassidy

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Apartment House, Philip Thomas (piano)

John Cage | Christian Wolff

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Patterns of Connection

Instrumental Music: 1962-2017

Apartment House, Philip Thomas (piano)

Michael Parsons

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Gisela Mashayekhi-Beer (flute), Marcus Weiss (tenor saxophone), Hildegard Kleeb (piano)

Peter Ablinger

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The wreck of former boundaries

ELISION Ensemble, Wu Wei (37-pipe sheng), Peter Evans (trumpets), Tristram Williams (trumpet, quartertone flugelhorn)

Liza Lim | Aaron Cassidy

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Carl Rosman (clarinets)

Rebecca Saunders | Richard Barrett | Mauricio Kagel | Georges Aperghis | Chikako Morishita | Aaron Cassidy

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Beat Generation Ballads

Philip Thomas (piano)

Michael Finnissy

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Shrouded Mirrors

Diego Castro Magas (guitar)

James Dillon | Brian Ferneyhough | Michael Finnissy | Bryn Harrison | Wieland Hoban | Matthew Sergeant

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πτελέα | Ptelea

Heather Roche (clarinets)

Aaron Einbound | Chikako Morishita | Martin Iddon | Martin Rane Bauck | Pedro Alvarez | Max Murray

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The Knowledge Of Its Own Making

Phil Minton (voice), Simon H. Fell (double bass)

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Zeta Potential

Nieuw Ensemble, Ensemble 10/10, Icarus Ensemble

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Joanna Bailie | Aaron Cassidy | Stephen Chase | Richard Glover | Bryn Harrison | Claudia Molitor | James Weeks

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In Search of the Miraculous

Nicolas Bernier | Mark Bukowiec | Rose Dodd | Barbara Ellison | Jamie Fawcus | Sten-Olof Hellström | Paulina Sundin | Dominic Thibault

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Nothing but the Hours

Geoffrey Cox, Keith Marley

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Strange Forces

ELISION Ensemble

Richard Barrett | Aaron Cassidy | Liza Lim | Timothy McCormack | Klaus K Hübler | Evan Johnson

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ELISION Ensemble

Mary Bellamy | Bryn Harrison | Aaron Cassidy | Liza Lim

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Extended Piano

Sebastian Berweck (piano)

Johannes Kreidler | Michael Maierhof | James Saunders | Benjamin Lang | Thomas Wenk

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Since 2015, Huddersfield Contemporary Records has been exclusively distributed by NMC Recordings. Full catalogue available at

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