Creative processes and collaboration: how can these can be negotiated and fostered between composers and performers? and what subsequent influences does collaboration have on the musical fabric of a work; what insights are gained through empirical studies? Dr Mary Bellamy’s music is focused on a search for new sound structures. It is essentially an exploration of sound quality, which is shaped by a desire to extend instrumental sound resources.

Recent works such as the cycle of solo compositions: Transference-Abrasion (2010-11) for solo ‘cello and Semblance (2011) were composed through close consultation with ‘cellist Sévérine Ballon and flautist Richard Craig, bringing the player-instrument relationship to the fore through their musical content. Form is evolved organically, characterised by processes of interaction between independent, often starkly contrasting, elements.


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Bellamy, M (2010) Transference – Abrasion [Composition]