Musical Multimedia

The Musical Multimedia project unites research interests that involve sound-led film and visual art, as well as the composition of soundtracks and sound design for film, video, and video-games. The project embraces practice-led research into the sonic arts as they relate to the still, algorithmic, or performed visual artefact.



Musical Multimedia research at CeReNeM spans creative and commercial work in the intersection of sound, image, and space. Through cutting edge practice and technology, CeReNeM’s staff and student activity in this area includes work in experimental film and multimedia, sonic arts and installation, projection mapping, documentary audio, and music for commercial applications.

CeReNeM’s work in musical multimedia is characterised by an ability to pivot between innovative experimental practice and similarly innovative developments in the service of real-world projects for the consumption of the general public. Notable examples include Julio d’Escriván’s work creating film music trailer cues for Los Angeles-based Sencit Music, which combines CeReNeM’s focus on creative composition and technology with practical, industry-driven needs.



Industry standard facilities for audiovisual work within the already generous provision of recording studios at the University include five 5.1 double monitor composition and editing studios. The complete Vienna Symphonic library is available as well as choice virtual instruments from Spitfire Audio, including the Hans Zimmer Percussion library.

There are additional production and performance facilities for playing to picture from within recording rooms, as well as a comprehensive equipment provision for live sound and video capture. The latter include Canon EOS C100 (with fixed macro lens options), XA20, and XF100, Nikon D3300 kit, Panasonic HC-X920 and HDC-TM900, Zoom cameras, GoPro Hero 4, numerous tripods and lens collections. For audio capture, there are high-quality portable recorders like the Sound Devices 744T and 788T, as well as accessories including boom mics and lighter auxiliary portable equipment, in addition to the department’s full collection of industry leading microphones and recording facilities, including a recording studio with 24-channel SSL digital mixing desk. There are also a number of Fastfold screens and HD projectors for installation or projection of cinematic material. All of this is complemented by the 50-channel, 60-loudspeaker Huddersfield Interactive Sound System (HISS), which is used regularly to present experimental multimedia work, including at the annual Electric Spring festival.


The Musical Multimedia project explores:

Music for film and visual media
Music and audio for video games
Music for documentary film
Live audio-visual performance
Composition for projection mapping and live cinema
New performance interfaces and gestural control
Sound sculpture and sonic art installation practice
Sound painting for conducted, guided improvisation
Web-based application development for collaborative music composition


Recent Projects



Prof Monty Adkins. Commissioned by the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival 2018, Empire is a live soundtrack to Andy Warhols renowned silent film.


The Man with No Place

Dr Geoffrey Cox. A video poem based the work of Ian Walker, 'The Man with No Place' is part of an on-going project working with poetry and poets either in fixed media or live interactive audiovisual formats.


Industry Soundtrack and Sound Design

Dr Julio d'Escrivan. An ongoing industry project creating original music and sound design cues for use in film music and game trailers, released by L.A. based Sencit Music


Speaker Grid

Stewart Worthy. A non-narrative installation with reactive / interactive qualities via DMX, MIDI and audio control from Max



Dr Julio d'Escriván. An ongoing exporation of live gestural communication between Soundpainter (composer) and live ensemble


Mirror Screen

Stewart Worthy. A site-specific, multimedia installation based around the steel sculpture Screen by Rob Ward


Project members

Prof Monty Adkins
Dr Julio d’Escriván
Dr Geoff Cox
Dr Ian Gibson [co-founder and executive committee member of the National Sonic Art Forum]
Stewart Worthy



Creative Outputs

Cox, G & Marley, K (2017) Mill Study [Video]

De Vos, Z., Johnson, T. and Gibson, I. (2016) Hallers Routine [Performance] In: Adaptive Music Technology Research Group Concert, 24 Feb 2016, Bates Mill, Huddersfield

d'Escrivan, J (2016) Visual OP [Composition]

Gibson, I (2016) Adaptive Music Technology Research Group Concert with the University of British Columbia [Show/Exhibition]

Worthy, S (2016) Speaker Grid I [Artefact]

Adkins, M. and Roberts, S. (2015) Freud's House: the Double Mirror [Video/Installation] (Documentation)

Cox, G (2015) Tree People: the story of the Colne Valley Tree Society [Video]

Adkins, M. and Payne, J. (2014) Clockwork Cities [Video]

Adkins, M. and Payne, J. (2014) Ecstatic Drift [Video]

Adkins, M. and Payne, J. (2014) Spirals [Video]

Cox, G (2014) Tree People [Video]

d'Escrivan, J. and Adkins, M. (2014) Geometries of Flight [Video]

Gibson, I (2014) CosMix [Show/Exhibition]

Gibson, I., Middleton, D. and Adkins, M. (2014) Borderlands CosMixed [Show/Exhibition]

d'Escrivan, J (2013) FLIX [Composition]

Adkins, M. and Kluge, J. (2012) Global Village [Video]

Adkins, M. and Dickens, P. (2012) Four Shibusa [Video]

d'Escrivan, J (2012) Villanueva: El Diablo [Composition]

Adkins, M. and Jones, O. (2011) Suspended Edges [Video]

Adkins, M. and Payne, J. (2011) Remnant [Video]

Adkins, M. and Chalcraft, M. (2011) Symbiont [Video]

Cox, G. and Marley, K. (2011) Deconstructing Voices [Show/Exhibition]

Cox, G. and Marley, K. (2011) Nothing but the hours [Video]Cox, G (2011) No Escape [Performance] In: Leeds Film Music Conference, 6-8 September 2011, University of Leeds, Clothworkers Concert Hall

d'Escrivan, J (2011) fusil [Composition]

d'Escrivan, J (2011) Terra Nova [Composition]

d'Escrivan, J (2011) Reveron [Composition]

Adkins, M. and Almond, M. (2010) Cortex 10 [Video]

Cox, G (2010) No Escape [Performance] In: GEM Days, 27 January 2010, Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield

Cox, G. and Marley, K. (2010) A Film About Nice [Video]

Cox, G (2009) No Escape [Composition]

d'Escrivan, J (2008) Ensayo Sobre La Bicicleta (Essay on the bicycle): composition [Video]



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