CeReNeM recognises a role for universities as leaders amongst a broader community of music makers and educators to encourage a vibrant, critical, and powerful musical practice. Through these activities we forge spaces that build communities, audiences, and new artistic practices through collaboration and the building of unexpected links between thinkers, makers, and the general public.

CeReNeM focuses on three different threads of public engagement: 1. Engagement with the public, from participation and support in festivals to panels and discussion groups to consultation for local council activities and projects. 2. Involvement in education programs, with staff undertaking external teaching, mentorship and workshop facilitation external to the University of Huddersfield. 3. Collaborative direction with stakeholders in new music through consultation and leadership roles in boards, advisory groups, journals, and other associations.

Public Engagement and Outreach

2017-: Robert Adlington. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group. Member of Advisory Board for book series ‘Musical Cultures of the Twentieth Century’ (coordinated from Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice).

2017-: Robert Adlington. Sound and Music. Member of British Music Collection Advisory Group and Working Group.

2019: Monty Adkins. Noisefloor panel, University of Staffordshire. Panel leader.

November 2019: Aaron Cassidy. November Music/Buma Cultuur New Music Conference, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Panelist and Meet & Connect session participant.

May 2019: Robert Adlington. Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham. Pre-concert talk for City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra concert.

March 2019: Robert Adlington. Nederlands Muziek Instituut, Den Haag, invited panellist for public discussion.

January 2019: Aaron Cassidy. Rebecca Saunders Ensemble Modern Portrait Concert, SoundState Festival, Southbank Centre, London. Post-concert talk/interview.

January 2019: Aaron Cassidy. State of Sound: Our Creative Future panel, SoundState Festival, Southbank Centre, London. Panellist.

2018: Robert Adlington. Sound and Music. Contributor of online article to British Music Collection ’50 Things’ series https://britishmusiccollection.org.uk/article/50-things-george-newsons-autobiographical-note.

November 2018: Aaron Cassidy. Keychange: from Higher Education to Concert Stage panel, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Panellist.

November 2018: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. New York University, USA. Pre-concert talk at the NYU Feldstein Immersion Room.

November 2018: Robert Adlington. Rainy Days New Music Festival, Luxembourg. Invited speaker at public one-day conference ‘Get Real: Music and Reality’.

November 2018: Robert Adlington. Rainy Days New Music Festival, Luxembourg. Author of 2000-ww article ‘Changing realities: 1968 and new music’ for festival programme booklet.

October 2018: Liza Lim. Melbourne University, Australia, Arcko Symphonic Orchestra Portrait Concert. Preconcert talk.

October 2018: Robert Adlington. Kirklees Council Local Democracy Week event. Convenor of public discussion on ‘Making Music Democratically’, at Vinyl Tap record shop, Huddersfield.

October 2018: Robert Adlington. Transit New Music Festival, Leuven, Belgium. Convenor of two public panel discussions on democracy and music, involving James Saunders (Bath Spa University); Astrid Laemont (choir De 2de Adem); Pieter Matthyssens (Nadar Ensemble); Fie Schouten (Lyrisch Laag ensemble).

July 2018: Robert Adlington. Darmstadt International Summer Course, Germany. Co-convenor (with Liza Lim) of public one-day conference ‘Finding Democracy in Music’.

June 2018: Liza Lim. Spoleto Festival, Bank of America Chamber Music Series. Public panel discussion for opera.

May 2018: Liza Lim. Spoleto Festival, Bank of America Chamber Music Series. Pre-concert talks (3x).

February 2018: Alex Harker. Creative Coding Lab Symposium, Huddersfield. Symposium and Lab coordinator.

February 2018: Robert Adlington. Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham. Pre-concert talk for Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra concert.

2017: Monty Adkins. The Hepworth Wakefield, UK. Public lecture: “The influence of music on the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth”.

November 2017: Aaron Cassidy. Timothy Rutherford-Johnson interview ‘After the Fall’, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Interview host.

November 2017: Robert Adlington. Sound and Music. Speaker at British Music Collection 50th Anniversary event, Heritage Quay.

September 2017: Aaron Cassidy. Gender Equlity and Diversity panel, Nordic Music Days, in partnership with BASCA, Southbank Centre, London. Panellist.

June 2017: Robert Adlington. Heritage Quay Listening Club. Co-ordinator of public Listening Club event dedicated to the British Music Collection.

May 2017: Robert Adlington. Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham. Pre-concert talk for Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra concert.

June 2015: Aaron Cassidy. Richard Barrett portrait festival, Spectrum NYC. Preconcert talk.


Education and Workshops, Skill Transfer

2018-: Bryn Harrison. London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub Scheme, UK. Mentor.

April 2020: Aaron Cassidy. Mixtur Festival, Barcelona. Workshop on Composition and Sound Experimentation, lectures, masterclasses, private lessons, and reading session coaching.

February-November 2019: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay & Aaron Cassidy. CeReNeM-hcmf// Professional Development Programme for Female Composers of Electronic Music. Composer mentoring and project support.

June/July 2019: Bryn Harrison. 9th International Composers Academy, Russia. Teaching.

December 2018: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. Torino Conservatoire, Canada. Production workshops via Erasmus.

December 2018: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. Université de Montréal, Canada. Seminar talk and composition workshop.

December 2018: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. College talk.

July 2018: Liza Lim. Education outreach activity (workshops/rehearsals with community participants and school students with Speak Percussion, Melbourne Australia.

July 2018: Liza Lim. Darmstadt [New Music Festival] Germany. Teaching.

2016-17: Monty Adkins. Sound and Music/CMMAS International Composer Exchange. Mentor.

September 2014: Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers. Guest Masterclasses.


Advisory Boards, Consultation, Leadership

2018-: Robert Adlington. Research England, Research Excellence Framework 2021. Deputy chair of sub-panel UoA33 (Music, Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Film and Screen Studies).

2017-: Aaron Cassidy. Consultant for Kirklees Council Music Development Group.

2017-: Robert Adlington. Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College. Reviewer of grant applications.

2017-: Robert Adlington. peer reviewer for journals Music and Letters, Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Twentieth-Century Music, Circuit: musiques contemporaines (Université de Montréal), Cinéma&Cie (University of Pavia).

2017-: Robert Adlington. Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis (Royal Society of Dutch Music History): Editorial Board member for society journal Tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis.

2016-: Aaron Cassidy. Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK. Juror, hcmf// shorts.

August 2019: Aaron Cassidy. Young Nordic Music Days, UNM Danmark. Juror.

June 2019: Aaron Cassidy. IN VITRØ – sonic arts exhibition, LOXOSconcept, Matera, Italy, part of the Matera European Capital of Culture programme. Juror.

June/November 2019: Liza Lim. Geneva International Composition Program, Switzerland. Jury Member.

October 2018: Robert Adlington. East of England REF2021 event, University of East Anglia. Panel of REF sub-panel chairs and deputy chairs.

October 2018: Robert Adlington. Conservatoires UK Research Forum, Royal College of Music. Meeting to discuss REF2021 consultation; attending as deputy chair of sub-panel UoA33.

September 2018: Robert Adlington. Practice Research Advisory Group UK, Birmingham College of Art. Panel of REF sub-panel chairs and deputy chairs.

September 2018: Robert Adlington. National Association for Music in Higher Education (NAMHE) REF2021 consultation webinar. Organiser and lead presenter of subject association’s main consultation event on REF2021.

September 2018: Robert Adlington. Royal Musical Association (RMA) REF2021 consultation meetings, Annual Meeting, University of Bristol. Presenting on REF2021 consultation documents to RMA Council (closed meeting) and RMA Annual Meeting (open meeting) delegates.

June 2018: Robert Adlington. Standing Committee of University Drama Departments (SCUDD), Annual Conference, University of Birmingham. Participation in REF2021 panel, comprising members of sub-panel UoA33

2015: Bryn Harrison. Reunió jurat premi Joan Guinjoan composers competition. Jury Member.

2012-15: Monty Adkins. Sound and Music, UK. Board member.